Roaring 20’s Inventions


The roaring 20’s were a big time in history and a lot of really interesting changes came about thanks to the inventions of the time. There are many inventions that totally changed how we live like the first modern day traffic light in 1920 invented by William Potts. Mr. Potts came up with the idea of a color coded light system to direct traffic at 4 way interchanges.

16 Amazing Inventions from the 1920’s

1. The traffic light was one of the inventions that changed forever how we lived our lives. Thank you Mr.Potts from everyone that has ever received a ticket after running a red light.

2. The Qtip was also invented in 1920 by Leo Gerstenzang. Originally a tooth pick with a cotton ball wrapped around the end it was used by Mr. and Mrs. Gerstenzang as a way to clean their babies ears.

3. The first woman’s electric hair dryer was invented by Alexandria Godefoy was another 1920 invention. It was a large contraption that contained 3 vents that would blow air to quickly dry a new hairstyle.

4. Earle Dickson came along later in 1920 with the first band-aid. The rumor is that his wife was an addict and he invented the band-aid to help her hide the marks on her arms. The original band-aid was little more than a piece of tape with a cotton ball stuck to the middle.

5. In 1921 the first Lie Detector machine was unveiled. John Larson invented the first Lie Detector that could measure changes in how the body reacted when lieing.

6. The first electric blender was invented in 1922 for kitchen use by Steven Poplowski.

7. The first 3D movie was invented in 1922 by the Luminiere brothers.

8. Clarence Birdseye invented the first commercially ready frozen food in 1923.

9. The Bulldozer was invented by James Cummings and Earl McCleod in 1923.

10. The loudspeaker was invented by Chester Rice and Edward Kellogg in 1924 so that people in different areas could communicate.

11. In 1926 the first pop up toaster was invented by Charles Strite.

12. Edward Perkins invented Kool Aid in 1927! The flavored powder that changed the way kids across the US drank water.

13. In 1927 Edward Rothman invented the aerosol can that made product delivery much easier.

14. 1928 changed the way infectious disease was fought with the invention of Pennicillan by Sir Edward Fleming.

15. Jacob Schick gave the world a better way to shave with the invention of the electric razor in 1928.

16. 1929 the Iron Lung was invented by Phillip Drinker and Louis Shaw. Also in 1929 the car radio was invented by William Leer.

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