Ron Popeil Inventions and Accomplishments


Ron Popeil was born in 1935 and he was not quick to follow in the footsteps of his father – at least at first. His parents divorced when he was 6 years old and that caused him to move from his home in New York to his grandparent’s home in Florida. Once he started selling and marketing, however, he never looked back. His successes haven’t just been his inventions, but also the way he marketed those inventions. Popeil was one of the first inventors to create what would be considered the As Seen on TV advertisement.

Here is a look at some of his best inventions.

1. Showtime Rotisserie

If you can set it and forget it, then you’re likely using this Ron Popeil invention. It is available still today and comes in three sizes. The rotisserie is often used for chicken, but any meat can be cooked to perfection and evenly roasted.

2. Flip Its

How many times have you had your hand splattered by grease or oil when you go to flip something over that has been cooking? The Flip Its are small little devices that are used for turning over items, like you would with a spatula, but with better protection from hot oil.

3. Solid Food Injector

When you want to created a stuffed dish, it can be time consuming to put all of those ingredients into the meat or vegetable that is being filled. The Solid Food Injector is a Ron Popeil invention that makes almost any stuffing task easier. Want to put solid chocolate int your cupcakes? This invention will let you inject that directly.

4. Great Looking Hair

Maybe Popeil’s most famous invention, GLH is spray-on hair. Popeil says he came up with the idea because he had a bald spot that he wanted to have covered. You just spray it on, the bald spot disappears, and you can have the confidence to go about your day with great style.

5. Dial-o-Matic

Many of Popeil’s inventions involve food prep for one simple reason: there are a number of ways to save time in the kitchen and not slice off your fingers while doing so. This invention can create razor thin slices of fruits and vegetables. What’s more, it will allow the ridged cuts that add an extra level of fanciness to your cooking.

6. Automatic Pasta Maker

Making pasta from scratch can take a lot of time. With the Ron Popeil Pasta Maker, pasta can be made in just a few minutes and it tastes authentic. You can make up to 12 different types of pasta that are commonly eaten, including gnocchi, with this machine. All you’ve got to do is cut the pasta to size when it comes out of the extruder.

7. Pocket Fisherman

Technically this is an invention of Popeil’s father, but it is often included as one of Ron’s inventions because he has been so effective at selling it. The fishing pole is a double rod design that stays compact for storage, but opens up nicely when you’re ready to fish so hauling your gear becomes a lot easier to do.

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