Some Niche Crowdfunding Platforms Are Out Performing Kickstarter


If you’re thinking about a crowdfunding campaign, then there’s a good chance that you’re thinking about using Kickstarter. Why wouldn’t you, after all, since it is an international brand name in the crowdfunding industry? With companies getting more than $10 million in funds in some instances and with projects being 100% funded every day, there’s a lot of potential on this known platform.

What if you could outperform Kickstarter by using a niche crowdfunding platform? It doesn’t seem like it should be possible, but this also happens every day. If you choose the correct niche crowdfunding platform, you may just find that your next task will be to come up with some stretch goals.

Here are some options for you to consider beyond Kickstarter for your next crowdfunding effort.

1. YouCaring

YouCaring is often ranked as the top crowdfunding platform that is available today. It is a platform that is based on donations and is often utilized by non-profit or tax-exempt organizations. Part of the reason why it is so loved is because 100% of the donations go to the entity that is running the campaign. On the other hand, you’ll find a 5% commission going to Kickstarter.

2. Pubslush

Pubslush is more of a niche site that is geared toward authors. It has a higher success rate for authors than Kickstarter, which makes it a natural leader in niche crowdfunding. Nearly 6 out of every 10 authors are able to reach their funding goals with this platform, which is double the percentage of authors on Kickstarter. The commission is also 1% less on Pubslush than on Kickstarter, which is another major benefit.

3. Seed and Spark

This niche crowdfunding platform is also geared more toward the creative types, but with a cinema emphasis. Filmmakers who utilized this platform had an almost 70% success rate of reaching their funding goals, which is again nearly double that of Kickstarter. Many filmmakers who have tried both funding platforms also noticed that they could raise more money on the niche platform than on the national brand name.

4. GiveForward

One of the most interesting crowdfunding sites available today is GiveForward. With an emphasis on raising funds for medical supplies, many people in need can find multiple benefits compared to other sites such as Kickstarter that denies the raising of funds for medical campaigns. With an increasing success rate on this platform since its creation, GiveForward is the place to go for those suffering from an overwhelming medical need.

Which Crowdfunding Platform Is Right For You?

For many businesses, Kickstarter might just be the best platform for a crowdfunding campaign. For others, however, and especially for those with creative tendencies that aren’t very glamorous, these niche platforms might be a better option. Before finalizing any campaign, take a few moments to see the success rates and go through all of the available terms and conditions. That way you’ll be able to give your upcoming project the best chance for success.