The 6 Proven Ideas of Crowdfund Investing


Just having a crowdfunding campaign that is live isn’t good enough to find investment success. You need to take your campaign to the next level if you’re going to be able to succeed. There are plenty of ways that you can try to make this happen, but there are only 6 proven ideas that work time after time. If you want success, then you need to incorporate these strategies.

1. You Must Engage Your Base

In order to have investors, you must be willing to engage your targeted investor community. This starts before you even launch, with pre-parties, press releases, and personal meetings. It also keeps going throughout the life of a campaign and even afterward. With clear, transparent communication, investors will see that you’re the real deal and be willing to send cash your way.

2. There Must Be a Tangible Proof of Concept

Although an idea that is floated here or there can find crowdfunding success, the best campaigns are able to effectively prove their concept. If a product can shown to be viable, then it is worthy of an investment from an interested party. Sometimes finding this proof of concept can take some time during the testing process. It isn’t unusual for 12 months of testing to occur before a crowdfunding campaign is launched.

3. It’s All About Your Future Value

Most crowdfunding campaigns don’t have any actual valuation to them. The company is just getting started in most instances and if an actual valuation was made, it would not be worth a whole lot. By looking at your future value and encouraging investments toward where your proof of concept shows that you can be, you’ll have a better overall success. If you base your strategies on your current valuation and miscalculate, then you’ll turn a lot of investors off before you even get through your sales pitch.

4. There Must Be Passion Behind Your Work

If your crowdfunding campaign and the product being featured isn’t the love of your life, then investors aren’t going to send you money. By paying you, they are telling you that their investment must become your #1 priority. If you’re not willing to do that, then they aren’t going to be very willing to give you the cash that you want.

5. You’ve Got To Be Unique

Having a good idea can help bring about some cash, but it is the unique ideas that are able to succeed most often. It is these niche ideas that get funded the most because they can have the best financial impact since they are different. They solve specific problems and hold a perceived value that is off the charts. Without that kind of proposition, you’re already working toward failure before you even begin.

6. Gain Attention By Telling Your Story

Videos are great marketing tools, but they need to tell a story in order to be successful. It must be an authentic story in order to generate results. Investors are smart and savvy and won’t be persuaded by fiction.