List of the Top 26 Crowdfunding Websites


Top Crowdfunding Sites to Use

Did crowdfunding lose steam after the year Kickstarter broke out? If you thought crowdfunding is out of fashion, think again—it’s never been stronger.

Ever since Kickstarter entered into the public consciousness, lots of people have been jumping onto the crowdfunding bandwagon. And, why not take advantage of crowdfunding? Crowdfunding is a great way to get funding for a project that otherwise wouldn’t be able to secure funding from another source.

Crowdfunding is a practice that allows people to successfully fund a project or venture by having others help them out. It’s literally the act of raising capital or funds through allowing a large amount of people to donate small amounts of money in exchange for the resultant project itself.

We could talk forever about kickstarting and crowdfunding and the like, but what we’re really here to talk about is the top crowdfunding platforms out there today. Besides Kickstarter and IndieGoGo, there are other platforms you should check out. Let’s take a look:

Non-Profits and other Charitable Causes

Fundly might be more of your style if you don’t want to have all of your paperwork completed before you start—you can get that done while you raise money here. You’ll only need to have your project video and gallery set. Fundly takes their cut of your funds depending on your chosen pricing tier, in addition to 3 percent in transaction fees.

Small Businesses

Bolstr is a great way to ‘bolster’ your small business, but you’ll have to be ready to give this crowdfunding site their portion of your venture’s expenses. Their own attorneys (or, if your choose, your own) take a portion of the campaign’s funds in exchange for reviewing the campaign before it launches. Other fees include listing fees and regulatory filing fees.

Bolstr is great for raising funds for incorporated small businesses in an active community, giving them the support they need to expand.

For Artists, Writers and Filmmakers

Pubslush takes 4 percent plus 3.5 percent in transaction fees for writers looking for funding their writing ventures.

Slated is free—filmmakers can submit their projects and agree to accept funding from the active Slated community and their followers.

Pozible takes their cut depending on how much you raise, in addition to 2.4 in transaction fees. Creatives can take advantage of the Pozible network to get advice about producing a successful campaign.

For Science

Experiment takes 5 percent plus 3 percent in transaction fees for successfully funded projects. Research and results for scientific progress are the key here—and they’re the reward for successful projects.