The Social Dilemma Is Dangerously Wrong… Part I


By Foundation for Economic Education

By now, you’ve probably heard about The Social Dilemma. It’s a new documentary on Netflix filled with former tech industry insiders who believe that social media companies like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram opened a Pandora’s Box that’s unleashing unspeakable evil on society. And what’s really to blame for all this?

Capitalism, of course.

But while the film is full of scary soundbites and melodramatic dramatizations, it’s mostly a manipulative, one-sided treatment of a complex issue that repeatedly misses the mark by focusing on polemic and hyperbolic catchphrases instead of sound arguments. In the end, it’s a deeply flawed film that requires a substantial amount of criticism that’s going to take us *two* episodes to unpack.

CREDITS: Produced by Sean W. Malone Written by Sean W. Malone Edited by Arash Ayrom & Sean W. Malone Asst. Edited by Jason Reinhardt Thanks to Matt Tabor