Top 5 Equity Crowdfunding Platforms


Equity Crowdfunding Facts

Crowdfunding is a concept that’s only going to get bigger and bigger. An increasing number of small businesses are truly beginning to appreciate the value of turning to the crowd for the capital they need.

Equity crowdfunding is a fairly straightforward concept. Even the most basic definition is going to show you just how exciting and useful this concept can be. The more you learn about equity crowdfunding, the more likely it is that you’re going to want to explore the concept for yourself.

A Look At Equity Crowdfunding

When you take a look at equity crowdfunding on the national level, it’s easy to become intrigued. Numerous states are even passing legislature that’s designed to allow for intrastate equity crowdfunding endeavors to occur. Legislation as it relates to the JOBS Act is particularly significant to both entrepreneurs and investors.

You can find strong, decisive legislative activity all throughout the United States. When this state-to-state legislature is combined with all of the details concerning the significant, essential JOBS Act, you’re going to see the potential of equity crowdfunding truly become the powerful entity it can be. Equity crowdfunding makes it possible for entrepreneurs and small businesses to generate the capital they need, but without to rely solely on investment groups to make their dreams a reality.

While investment groups certainly aren’t going anywhere, their importance has indeed shifted to a certain degree. You only have to look at equity crowdfunding, in order to see why this is the case. As legislature is passed in such states as New Mexico, Virginia, Minnesota, California, and Utah, more and more people are taking advantage of what equity crowdfunding allows them to do. It creates a truly beneficial, unique relationship between the investor and the entrepreneur or small business. These are people are so inspired by a company or concept, they’re willing to match that enthusiasm with tangible donations.

Take into account the fact that a company like Funders Club has raised over three hundred million thus far, and you’ll get a clear example of just how powerful crowdfunding can be. Return on Change, Fundable, and Circle Up are just a few of the equity crowdfunding platforms that are available to you. All of them have something to offer. All of them illustrate just how big a deal equity crowdfunding has truly become.

To put it another way, equity crowdfunding represents formidable opportunities for everyone involved. Anyone can become part of an extraordinary opportunity. Anyone can make money.