What is Vision Launch Media & How to Use Our Website(s)

Simply put, we seek to provide a much-needed counterbalance to the dangerous corporate media narrative that has brain-washed millions of our citizens.


Thank you for visiting us! Below is a brief description of the Vision Launch Media Group – how to use our websites, and what we are trying to achieve. In short, we seek to provide a much-needed counterbalance to the dangerous corporate media narrative that has brain-washed millions of our citizens. We do this by promoting independent media sources that are not tied to the corporate media complex, most of which are being censored. Our goal is to provide a central platform to make suppressed content more readily available so people can see and hear all of the available information on any given topic before making decisions.


What is Vision Launch Media?

Vision Launch Media is your gateway into the world of alternative media. We are a curated discovery platform for free-speech and independent thought.

We use alternative sourced information to increase public awareness of crucial issues.

Our goal is to help neutralize the corporate media’s dominance over our culture & our nation’s collective consciousness.

At Vision Launch Media, we do not claim to know the “truth” or have all the answers. We simply make suppressed information more readily available so people can do their own research and come to their own conclusions.

We have three websites that promote – and are linked to hundreds of other alternative media sites, most of which are being suppressed or censored in one form or another.


Main Website: Vision Launch Media Main Website

On our main site, we publish original content and republish articles from prominent alt-media sites. We also provide authorship profiles for many popular alt-media sites to help get their message out to a new audience.

Mitchell Kapor once said, “getting information from the internet is like taking a drink from a fire hydrant.” We try to mitigate this challenge by curating and categorizing information using three separate websites with distinct features.

The main website indexes hundreds of alt-media sites and ties all three sites together. All sites (and much more) are linked in the main navigation bar on our main site.


VLM News Aggregator: Vision Launch Media News Feed  

The VLM Newsfeed is an alternative media news aggregator comprised of hundreds of newsfeeds that updates every 10 minutes. The newsfeed is categorized into ten different topics and is the largest curated alternative media news feed we are aware of. Here are the categories:

  1. General News
  2. Red-Pill News
  3. Investigative Journalists
  4. Liberty Minded Media
  5. Politics
  6. Alternative Finance
  7. Crypto, Gold & Silver News
  8. Alternative Health
  9. Expanded Consciousness
  10. Miscellaneous


SPEED THE SHIFT: Speed the Shift News Site

Speed the Shift (STS) is a play on words or short for, speed the shift in our collective consciousness. On STS, we question everything and no topic is off-limits. This site publishes traditional news stories as well as unconventional stories. STS is designed to help accelerate the great awakening we are currently experiencing in all aspects of our reality.

Speed the Shift (STS) combines the latest stories from the VLM main site, the VLM news aggregator, and hundreds of other alt-media sites in a Drudge style news format. This site is updated several times throughout the day (sometimes hourly) with the top trending news stories.

The STS website is much more than just breaking news with the latest stories. It is a conduit to hundreds of other alternative media sites and filled with taboo topics that cannot be discussed by the corporate media and will not be found in their scripted news narrative. The STS site is broken down into 11 sections with 7 separate news categories:

  1. Latest News (top left column above the headline)
  2. General News (upper left column)
  3. Politics (upper-middle column)
  4. Culture (upper right column)
  5. Red-Pill Library (mid-right column)
  6. Health-Related News (lower left column)
  7. Finance (lower middle column)
  8. Taboo Subjects -Woo-Woo (lower right column)
  9. Alt-media sites (bottom left column)
  10. Alternative Media Personalities (bottom middle column)
  11. Censored Videos (at the very bottom)


Our Vision

Accelerate The Great Awakening 

There is a great awakening happening in our country, mainly due to the alternative media. We are on the precipice of a new paradigm, but the outcome is uncertain. Our goal is for this new paradigm to be based on freedom and liberty. Still, we’re up against powerful forces who are suppressing or outright censoring independent thought and seeking to exert further control over the population. One of the biggest challenges we face in uniting our nation against this threat is the corporate media’s dominance over the national narrative and our culture.

Corporate Media Alternative

There are only a few corporations that control almost all of the media content America consumes. The online media world is just as centralized. The largest social media sites dominate the internet and continue to ramp up their censorship campaign on free speech.

We want to help circumvent this dangerous monopoly (in our small way) by providing a central platform that makes it easy to find alternative media sources (most of which are being censored). By doing so, we hope to help provide a much-needed counter-balance to the corporate media’s dominance over our nation’s collective consciousness. The truth is, the corporate media is weaponized infotainment meant to control us.

Restore Freedom in America

Our mission is to promote individual freedom in all of its various forms, with a strong emphasis on free speech. Freedom is not possible without free speech and freedom begins in our minds. We encourage critical thinking by presenting alternative information from independent media sources that are helping expand the collective consciousness, not control it.

We are living under the illusion of freedom and have literally become slaves to a corrupt and inefficient system of control, the depths of which that is not obvious to most people. Our goal is to help expose this perverse and rapacious slave system for all to see. Awareness of the real underlying causes of our problems is the first step to creating meaningful reform.

VLM Main Website VLM News Feed  — Speed The Shift News

If you believe in our mission, and like what we are doing, please consider supporting us. We are a small independent media initiative that relies on donations to support our efforts.