What Will The Future Economy Look Like?


future economy infographic_visionlaunch

Where We Are At

Our economy is constantly shifting and changing but we are entering a time where the changes will be far more profound than in previous times. Computing capabilities and automation is growing exponentially in the 21st century and we will need to address how these new innovations will displace the workforce that will eventually affect all industries.

The robot revolution is already here and will only be more ubiquitous moving forward. As a society, we will need to find creative solutions to the challenges we will face by this new revolution in order to make a smooth transition into the future economy.

Here is an excellent video made by Youtuber CGP Grey that illustrates exactly what we are up against with the rise of technology and automation.

Where We Can Go

With great change comes great opportunities.  We have millions of brilliant minds able to connect like no other time in our recorded history and bold new ideas can spread like wildfires and significantly change our society for the better. This is a challenge that many will be up for, and if handled correctly, we could be entering a brand new era with unimaginable possibilities ahead of us.

Here is another excellent video featuring Emily Castor from Lyft, the peer to peer ride sharing company. Emily goes into detail about how combining technology with human creativity can help solve many of the economic challenges we face.

The peer to peer revolution is just getting started and it is fundamentally changing how we interact and do business with each other. As it is with any great change, the ones who are most nimble and are able to adapt to the new environment will come out on top.  People who see opportunity in this change as opposed to fighting it will reap great rewards.