What Will The “New Normal” Look Like Post Coronavirus?


Is This Pandemic Being Exaggerated?

We are living in a historical moment right now. The Coronavirus pandemic is not what makes this time historic, but our reaction to it. Never before have we shut down so much commerce in our county for this long. But we need to ask ourselves, why? The stated figures at the time of this writing are: Worldwide, the Coronavirus has led to around 2 million reported cases in which over 500,000 already recovered with approximately 120,000 deaths. In the US alone, the seasonal flu causes an estimated 38 million illnesses, 390,000 hospitalizations, and approximately 23,000 deaths (according to The CDC). I’m not trying to minimize this pandemic; I’m just trying to provide some perspective. That is if we can even believe these numbers. Right now, we are still in the fog of the crisis, and the information we are receiving is not reliable, in my opinion. It appears that health officials are intentionally skewing the number of fatalities in favor of higher Coronavirus death counts. If someone dies from pre-existing conditions and is an asymptomatic carrier of the virus, they are listing the death from the virus instead of the pre-existing condition. We also know that the agencies we are getting information from, (along with the media) have been caught fomenting fear when it wasn’t warranted. As the evidence of deaths failed to match the initial models the public was told, they were revised down and are showing far fewer deaths. We’re these initial figures meant to shock the public into submission? At the very least, this “crisis” is being way overblown by the corporate media.


Never Let a Crisis Go To Waste

As we’ve seen in past events, our lawmakers never let a crisis go to waste. It also appears that they are not taking this crisis seriously; otherwise, they wouldn’t have tried to put so much special interest or ideological pork in an emergency spending bill. It is so important that we stay focused and don’t lose more of our liberties through this crisis, whether the crisis is real or exaggerated. The founding fathers never stipulated that the constitution is not valid in times of public health events. We are already seeing abuses of power and loss of liberty and we’re early into this event. We see a man getting dragged off a bus and arrested for not wearing a mask, which wasn’t even a law at the time. In Malibu, a paddleboarder was arrested for being out in the water and not social distancing. People are being pitted against each other and snitching on their neighbors for not socially distancing or even coughing. If someone coughs will the police come and drag them out of their home? In the video embedded above, that’s what some authorities are proposing. And where are authorities keeping these people after they arrest them? In a crowded jail cell?

Remember, Most Legislation Is Never Temporary

Based on this exaggerated fear, we are being asked to abide by a set of new governing principles. What will the new laws that are born out of this crisis look like? How long will social distancing and self-isolation be in effect? What type of world will we be returning to? Will large gatherings be permitted anytime soon? At what point will the damage from the economic stand-still exceed the damage from the virus itself? People like Bill Gates are proposing a national vaccine certificate system before we can get back to normal. Robert F. Kennedy Jr. just wrote an excellent article exposing Bill Gates’s globalist vaccine agenda and why we shouldn’t trust him to introduce health policies. In the two videos linked above, James Corbett from the Corbett Report discusses the importance of keeping our liberties through this crisis and a lot more.