When Was Frosted Flakes Invented


Kellogg’s is a major manufacturer of breakfast foods. Frosted Flakes made the scene in 1951 as Kellogg’s Sugar Frosted Flakes. They are corn flakes that have been baked and are covered in sugar. They were an immediate hit with children.

Tony the Tiger the mascot of Frosted Flakes and his familiar “their grrrrreat” slogan took off quickly and became an icon of American pop culture.

Accidental Discoveries

In 1898 William Kellogg and his brother set out to make granola a new “super food” of the time. Granola was a radical idea at the time but the Mr. Kelloggs were having a hard time to get things just right.

The changed their focus to wheat flakes and then to flaking corn. What started out as an experiment to make a cold cereal that could be eaten on the run (granola) turned into an experiment to flake corn and toast it and make that the breakfast food on the go.

Corn Flakes were born. By 1906 the Battle Creek Toasted Flake company was born. With his initial 44 employees they created the breakfast that everyone loves.

Something Sweeter Please

W. Kellogg’s vision was to provide Americans with a tasty way to eat breakfast on the go. As the tastes of American’s changed so did the offerings from Kellogg. After much research and discovery it was determined that American’s needed a little pick me up with their morning meal.

It was over forty years later when Sugar Frosted Flakes was born but there were a few precursors that came out of the assembly line before them.

Raisin Bran, Corn Pops and others hit the shelves a bit before the Sugar Frosted Flakes arrived.

Innovation And Giving Back

The Kellogg Company grew by leaps and bounds from the introduction of Corn Flakes forward and took some very surprising steps along the way. During the depression Kellogg split shifts and hired more people to help out. Kellogg was the first food manufacturer that hired a nutritionist to insure healthy product development.

During WWII Corn Flakes were in every C Ration for the soldiers free of charge to the US Army. The astronauts took along Corn Flakes to the moon. It is clear that Kellogg has had a huge impact on American culture and has taken the steps to make sure that they always give something back; they have scholarship programs, charitable organizations and other community initiatives.