When Was Saran Wrap Invented


When you need to wrap up food to put into the refrigerator to protect it and keep its freshness, do you use that clear, clingy wrapping material? That’s either Saran Wrap or a generic reproduction of it, which is actually a thin plastic material called vinylidene chloride. This plastic, which has the trademarked name of Saran, was initially discovered by the Dow Chemical Company in 1933 and was first used as a spray product for US fighter planes. It used to be green and it smelled really, really bad.

Saran wrap was first introduced in 1949 and was sold in rolls. Today’s Saran Wrap is made from polyethylene instead to prevent environmental damage. Here are some of the other inventions of the Dow Chemical Company.

1. Styrofoam

The most famous invention of Dow Chemical Company just might be Styrofoam. Using an exclusive process that created a closed-cell foam that resists moisture, this product was immediately recognized has being a superior insulation product while having a superior level of buoyancy. A six person life raft was created with Styrofoam just a year after it was invented and a number of other military uses were developed for it soon after.


When there’s an automobile accident, the human body becomes about as effective as a rag doll at controlling its destiny. In serious, high speed collisions, it needs help to survive and a restraint system just isn’t good enough sometimes. Air bags were developed to prevent some fatal injuries from occurring, but IMPAXX takes that idea to the next level. This foam literally absorbs the energy that is created from an impact and lessens the the results that occur because of the accident’s cause.

3. Sentricon

One of the biggest threats to a wooden home are termites. These little creatures can eat through wood quickly and they breed even faster. Your cabinets, the walls of your home, and even the floors are all considered food for the termite. With Sentricon, you have an effective treatment that will protect your wood because it helps to crumble the termite colony from the inside out. This protects your investment and the treatment plan is highly affordable.

4. Bromine Extraction

In many ways, this important invention is what started the Dow Chemical Company in the first place. Sea water contains lots of bromide ions. By introducing chlorine to the sea water, the bromine can be liberated and then turned into a number of other valuable products, from flame retardant materials to pest fumigants.

5. Metallocene Catalyzed Polyethylene

The most cited patent that has ever come out of Dow Chemical Company was awarded in 1993. This polyethylene process allows plastic makers to create a material that is strong enough to resist bullets. It’s tougher than Kevlar because it has a higher molecular rate. It’s a strong substance that also has a wide variety of other uses and can be included in numerous components, such as a gear box, to make more affordable items because the plastic can be molded more cheaply than metal can be forged.

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