When Were Bic Lighters Invented


Sold in more than 160 countries around the world, nearly 15 billion lighters have been sold by BIC since they began manufacturing them. They’re one of the most affordable lighters, yet also one of the most reliable that can be purchased. It’s design helps this lighter produce nearly double the amount of lights than competitive products. Making another 5 million lighters the commitment to quality has been in place since 1973 when the first disposable lighters, capable of providing up to 3,000 lights before wearing out, were introduced to the market.

What Makes a BIC Lighter Different?

It’s the quality of the lighter that makes the BIC lighter one of the best products in the world. Instead of having just quality assurance personnel inspecting finished products, BIC requires all employees to spend a minimum of ¼ of their employment time every day inspecting the quality of the product that is being produced.

This commitment to quality is also reflected in the packing of the lighter as it heads out to stores. Instead of just throwing a bunch of them into a box and sending them on their way, BIC has hired technicians to evaluate the packing process to make sure the quality process is followed up until the very last moment. Even samples from each production run are taken randomly off the line and tested to make sure it is performing up to specs.

All BIC lighters are built to meet consumer safety standards of all worldwide government agencies. This includes ISO, ASTM, and CPSC standards.

It All Begins With a Welded Body

The most important part of the lighter is the body of it. That’s because it contains the gas reservoir that is used to light the flame. BIC uses an ultrasonic welder to form the base instead of molding it from one piece so that there is a consistent light every time. This is reinforced by the exclusive flint spring that slowly feeds the flint into the sparkwheel as it wears out so that sparks can always be generated. Even the steel head is designed to help resist heat so there’s less of a chance to be burned when using the lighter.

BIC lighters have a bit of a myth around them as well. When they were first introduced and for a long time afterward, they were only available in two colors: black and white. The white lighters would eventually show signs of smoking on them, so legend has it that black lighters were preferred when illicit events were taking place.

Four famous musicians also died at the same age of 27. All four of them were left-handed and all of them had a white BIC lighter in their pockets, so legend is that there is a curse on the lighters. Was this the reason why BIC eventually decided to introduce more colors?

What you’ll receive with a BIC lighter is affordable quality. On the market since 1973 and tested for 12 months before that time, these lighters have stood the test of time because of the commitment to a consistent product.

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