When Were Sports Bras Invented


For many women, the sports bra is a necessary part of life. It makes exercising more comfortable and allows for a better athletic performance. Can you imagine what athletes had to content with before the invention of the sports bra in 1975? The initial exercise bra was actually called a Jockbra and it was put together by combining two jockstraps into one cohesive product. This product would reduce movement and the risks of chest ligament damage, making jogging and other exercise a better option.

The first sports bra, however, was invented by Glamorise Foundations. It was called the Free Swing Tennis Bra. Over the years, Glamorise has been responsible for many of the developments that have been produced in this industry. Here is a look at their work.

#1. Brassiere and Corselet Development

Glamorise was the first organization to develop some of the modern undergarments that women wear today. This is due to a couple of patents that were granted in 1932 that improved the brassiere and corselet so that they would become more form fitting and supporting. Instead of wearing a simple slip or other sheen shirt underneath the primary clothing, the first strapped garments to provide specific support for the breasts were introduced. This came about 10 years after the company was founded and just 7 years after their first chain store brochures were nationally distributed.

#2. Adjustable Girdle

Girdles have always been one of those thinks that women either love or they hate. In some ways, the modern girdle is a lot like the Victorian corset. The invention from Glamorise, called the Adjust-Eze Girdle, eliminated the need to keep tying the girdle tighter and tighter to control the waistline because it had a fully adjustable waistline instead. This allowed for self-adjustments to occur in just an instant and let women be able to express themselves in a way that they loved.

#3. MagicLift Bras

One of the most common complaints for the modern bra is that the wires that support the breasts can become extremely uncomfortable. In 1970, Glamorise was granted a patent for the first wire free soft cup bras that featured a criss-cross design for support. This allowed for more definition and better uplift while enhancing the amount of comfort that women experienced, even with long-term wear. Nearly 40 years later, it is still the design that is the industry leader in this niche area.

#4. Wonderwire Bras

This bra was the first for Glamorise that still contained a wire, but in such a way that it never touched the body. First brought to the market in 1990, it’s an invisible wire that helps to provide added support without the added discomfort of traditional wired designs.

#5. The Double Layer Sports Bra

In 2011, Glamorise invented a better sports bra that has a double layer of custom control. Providing compression and encapsulation, women receive even better control while exercising when wearing this particular undergarment.

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