Where Did The Rest Of The Internet Go? Google & Other Search Engines Exposed!

The internet was once a promising tool that could enlighten humanity but in the last decade, it has been weaponized to propagandize and control humanity.


The Internet in 2022

Twenty years ago the internet was a place where you could find countless different perspectives about a wide range of diverse and interesting topics. This unfettered access to information was stimulating, thought-provoking, and a refreshing change from the limited media we had access to up until then. It was truly the wild west of information and anyone was able to propose or discuss new ideas, no matter how outrageous some of these ideas may have sounded. (It’s worth noting that many of the outrageous claims made years ago turned out to be true and is common knowledge to most people today).

Unfortunately, this wild west of information has been essentially tamed in the last decade. Now, information or content creators that do not support the official narrative are deemed “dangerous” and algorithmically expunged by the corporations that now own most of the infrastructure of the internet.

Some people might not like the idea of anyone being able to speak their mind but that is what free speech is, warts and all. You have to take the good with the bad because, without free speech, freedom cannot exist. Voltaire once said,  “the right to free speech is more important than the content of the speech.”

The Internet of today is bland and sanitized. Free thought is punished while groupthink is rewarded. Today’s internet is dominated by mega-corporations that control almost every aspect of information we are allowed to see or hear. In my opinion, the early free-speech days of the internet were extremely important in the evolution of the human race and the globalists feared the awakening that was happening.


Google is the most popular search engine in the world and owns over 90% of the search traffic on the internet, (which does not even include their video platform YouTube, the second largest search engine on the web). Melissa Dykes from Truthstream Media does an excellent job exposing Google’s practices and search results. She shows how the corporate-owned internet created a Potemkin Village or a Truman Show-like facade where every bit of content we see and hear has been sanitized, consolidated, and propped up to create a false reality.

Break Through The Censorship! 

There is still a way to find content creators that are bold enough to question the corporate narrative but you will have to dig a little deeper now. Vision Launch Media is a conduit where you can access information that is being ignored, suppressed, or outright censored by the corporate-owned media. We have three websites that promote and are linked to hundreds of other alternative media sites, most of which are being suppressed in one form or another.

Vision Launch Media Main Website 

On our main site, (visionlaunch.com) we publish original content and republish articles from prominent alt-media sites. The main site also links all three of our websites together. The main site also connects to hundreds of other alternative media sites.

VLM News Feed 

The Vision Launch Media Newsfeed (vlmnews.org) is an alternative media news aggregator comprised of hundreds of newsfeeds that updates every 10 minutes. The newsfeed is categorized into ten different topics and is the largest curated alternative media news feed we are aware of.

Speed The Shift News

Speed The Shift (speedtheshift.org) is designed to promote new and different perspectives about a whole range of topics. On STS we cover breaking news with the latest stories but we also cover taboo topics that even many alt media sites won’t touch. STS is also a conduit to hundreds of other alternative media sites.

The corporate media truly is the #1 enemy of humanity and too many people are under their spell! 

Our goal is to help neutralize the corporate media’s dominance over our culture & our nation’s collective consciousness.