Who Invented Four Wheelers


Four wheelers, which are also called All-Terrain Vehicles [ATVs] or quads, were initially invented sometime in the early 1960’s in the United States. There isn’t any information available about these early models and there aren’t any patents on record of an initial inventor. What we do know about the history of four wheelers is that in 1967, Honda wanted to be able to sell a product in the winter months to compensate for the lack of motorcycle sales. Their solution came about in 1970 when the first ATV with balloon tires hit the market for about $600.

Honda has actually be responsible for a number of inventions that have benefited the world over the decades. Here is a look at some of their additional work.

1. The Automobile Lift

Soichiro Honda, who initially founded the company, was born in 1906 and he always seemed to have an appreciation for making life easier in some way. One day, when he saw local firefighters crawling around in the mud under their fire engine, he realized that they didn’t deserve to have to do all of that work and get so filthy just so they could help others. He decided to find a way to help them and that’s how the first automobile lift was born.

2. Heavy Duty Water Pump

Honda in his early years also enjoyed creating things just for the joy of creating them. He worked extensively on custom racing cars and one of his earliest models, the Curtiss, is still on display and works within Honda’s hall of fame. These engines required great cooling, so an invention of a heavy duty water pump became necessary so that the engine could work properly. As an added benefit, Honda could also equip a firetruck with the pump to add more pressure to the water supply that was putting out a fire.

3. Automated Production of Piston Rings

As Japan entered into a war with China and then eventually the rest of the world, Honda wasn’t called up for military service because he was found to be color blind. The government took over his business, but this ended up being a blessing in disguise because as he worked on calibrated machines so that inexperienced workers could still produce items safely, he realized how he could automate the production of piston rings so that they could be mass produced instead of hand produced. He took this technology to create an automated milling machine that could produce two aircraft propellers every 30 minutes.


Honda has been at the forefront of advanced robotics for years. ASIMO is one of the projects that has come the closest to replicate a lifelike design that can take on human tasks, like being able to pour a drink with hands that replicate what human hands can do.

5. Speech Jammer

The coolest invention, arguably of course, is the Speech Jammer. It takes a person’s voice and plays it back to them in milliseconds. This causes the mind to become confused and makes the person unable to speak for some time, but only temporarily.

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