Who Invented Gunpowder


According to researchers, gunpowder was invented by the ancient Chinese during the 9th century. It was discovered through combining elements that inadvertently resulted in an explosive result, leading to the later development of gun ammunition. The gunpowder mixture combined the following elements of potassium nitrate, charcoal, and sulfur which contributed to it being black in color. In Ancient China, gunpowder was also referred to as black powder because of this. Some additional facts about gunpowder are provided below.

How the Gunpowder Works?
With a basic understanding to the elements of gunpowder, you may be asking yourself ‘how does it work?’ When the gunpowder is burned, the mixture gains the ability to release hot gas causing it to explode. This is one of the primary reasons why gunpowder is used in firearms, fireworks, and guns. The singular existence of gunpowder allows any object to have the potential of becoming an explosive.

The Significance of Gunpowder in Europe
The Ancient Chinese civilization were not the only ones that had customs derived from their discovery of gunpowder. The Europeans have revealed that gunpowder has been used, dating as far back as 1257. Majority of European cultures have developed various recipes and elements of gunpowder, proven effective in use. However, according to researchers, these civilizations may not have been the first ones to initially discover gunpowder.

Manufacturing of Gunpowder
The history of gunpowder’s discovery is surrounded by the ability to have it successfully manufactured. Devices were created in the past that allowed the ingredients of gunpowder to be combined efficiently and quickly. The main advantage with this process was the ability to minimize and prevent harmful incidents from occurring with workers whom would have otherwise been hand mixing the explosive combination themselves.

Gunpowder manufacturing also provided the ability to produce large quantities of the produce to distribute throughout Europe and worldwide. According to researchers, the Chinese alchemists and Taoist were behind the initial invention but started to perform experiments with gunpowder tubes. These tubes were made of bamboo and attached with bows and arrows providing the ability to produce escaping gas. This led to the development of the first true rocket.

During the time of the Tang Dynasty, gunpowder was used to cure skin diseases as well as kill fumigant insects before it was implemented within weaponry.