Who Invented Lalaloopsy Dolls


Originally released as “Bitty Buttons,” the brand name was quickly changed to Lalaloopsy right after these plastic rag dolls were introduced by MGA Entertainment in 2010. In the 4 short years since their inception, Lalaloopsy has entered a variety of different media platforms, including TV shows and specials and video games. Designed to teach kids that they can be special in the own special way, the original 8 dolls have expanded into different product lines and a number of additional dolls.

The inventor of the Lalaloopsy line is MGA Entertainment.

What Makes Lalaloopsy Such a Special Doll?

It’s a combination of tradition and innovation that attracts people the the Lalaloopsy line of dolls. They are made in the tradition of the old-fashioned rag doll, yet are updated to use modern materials to make them more durable. With bright colors and compelling back stories, these dolls are designed to bring girls a special companion that has a personality that matches their own.

Because they are patterned after the rag doll, there is some thought that the purpose of these dolls might be evil. MGA Entertainment dismisses these observations without a second thought. Their purpose is to help teach all kids, but especially girls, the important life lessons of today in a non-threatening way. Lalaloopsy wants kids to realize that having a different perspective is important. That diversity is a natural part of life. That everyone deserves a second chance.

To help develop these, each Lalaloopsy doll is given its own unique back story. These rag dolls, which have magically come “to life,” put significance into every stitch that each doll has. Although the name was changed to make them more attractive and memorable, the simple fact remains that these creative dolls have captured the imaginations of children all around the world.

Lalaloopsy Looks to Change Lives Too

Starting with the second season of Lalaloopsy dolls, MGA Entertainment announced that they would be working with the Red Cross to help develop awareness about the need to donate blood. Webisodes were created to help with other non-profit causes and even microfigurines of the Lalaloopsy line of dolls are available. With over 50 characters, there is someone special that a child will be able to relate to with this innovative toy.

Some of today’s full-sized dolls also come with companions that match the doll’s personality. This may include a cow, a pet polar bear, Persian cats, and even birds. Every doll also has a sewn-on date so that each child can celebrate her Lalaloopsy’s birthday in style.

If you’re looking for a quality toy that will help to encourage your child’s imagination and creativity, then the Lalaloopsy line of dolls is an excellent place to start. Designed to be more than a child’s friend and playmate, these beautiful dolls were invented to teach children that they can be special just how they are, no matter what anyone else might try to tell them.

That’s an important message to send.

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