Who Invented Mike and Ikes


Mike and Ikes are one of the best fruit-flavored candies that are on the market today because the flavor of the candy just explodes in the mouth with every bite. It was 1940 when Mike and Ikes first were brought to the market and they are both gluten-free and kosher. The creators of the product were Just Born, a candy company that was founded by Sam Born in 1923. There is no official inventor listed for this yummy candy, so all of the credit for this ongoing treat gets to go to Mr. Born.

What Should You Know About Sam Born?

Sam Born was a Russian immigrant who first came to the United States in 1910. He always loved candy and Born was even given the key to the city in San Francisco because of an invention that allowed a machine to insert the sticks into lollipops automatically. This success propelled Born into bigger and better things, as he moved to New York City and opened up a small retail store of homemade candy. He called the store “Just Born” because he didn’t sell any other candies except the ones he made.

It was in this small retail store that another invention of Born’s started becoming famous: chocolate sprinkles. These small candies that are typically put onto ice cream, added flavor to the less expensive flavors of ice cream for a fraction of the price. Originally called jimmies, Born also came up with the process of putting the hard chocolate coating that you find on all of the ice cream bars that are sold in stores today.

In just 6 years, Born’s little store had grown so popular that he was able to begin his own manufacturing company. His brothers-in-law joined the company to help sell the confections and it has been a family owned business ever since.

What Other Products Did Sam Born Create?

Many of the seasonal treats that you enjoy come from the mind of Sam Born. The marshmallow peeps at Easter, for example, come from Just Born. Hot Tamales, which are a lot like Mike and Ike except for the fact that they are a spicy cinnamon flavor, were also a creation of his. A brand of gourmet jelly beans and ZOURS are also part of the Just Born brand. Although the company now also sells peanut chews in milk and dark chocolates, these came from a fairly recent acquisition of the Goldenberg Candy Company.

Even if Sam Born didn’t invent all of the different types of candy that are on the market today, his influence is still felt every day with many of the confectionery types of candy that can be purchased. If you get a craving for something sweet, then why not try a box of Mike and Ikes the next time you’re at the store? You’ll get a mouthful of flavorful fruit goodness and somehow, somewhere, Sam Born will be smiling down on you because of it.

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