Who Invented Rocky Road Ice Cream


The story of the invention of rocky road ice cream centers around one man: William Dreyer. It is said that in 1929, he cut up some marshmallows and walnuts with a pair of sewing scissors that he borrowed from his wife to add the items to chocolate ice cream. His partner, Joseph Edy, and created a chocolate candy that had these same items in it. Later on, the walnuts would be replaced by almonds.

Another story says that Dreyer invented rocky road ice cream because of an idea that his friend, George Farren, reportedly had. As the story goes, Farren had blended a candy bar into ice cream and Dreyer loved it so much that he attempted to replicate the recipe. Either way, the name of the ice cream comes thanks to the Great Depression. Dreyer and Edy named the ice cream so that people could get a smile during the tough times.

Dreyer’s ice cream is owned by the Nestle Corporation and they have been at the core of some very wonderful food innovations over the years. Here is a look at some of their innovations that they have brought to the market.

#1. Green Blended Coffee

You can often purchased green coffee beans and sometimes even ground green beans if you really want them. It’s done because the green coffee has higher levels of antioxidants than the roasted coffee beans do. The only problem is that green coffee beans don’t have the same flavors and aromas that roasted coffee has. To solve this problem, Nestle created their Green Blend, which combined the roasted and green coffee beans together so that the health improvements could be achieved.

#2. Powerbar

When you’ve got a game to play as an athlete or you just need a long workout session, having the right amount of calories combined with a correct level of beta alanine release is critically important. Nerve stimulation can occur when beta alanine is added to the diet and this can cause tingling, burning, and prickling sensations. The slow release of beta alanine, combined with the right caloric intake, helps people attain more as they work hard to win.

#3. Low Fat Ice Cream

Ice cream has been low fat for a while, but the problem is that it doesn’t taste like ice cream. Nestle took the Dreyer’s brand and created a rich and creamy ice cream that tastes like the real thing, but contains 50% of the fat of traditional ice cream and 33% fewer calories than their traditional counterparts.

#4. Resource

Sometimes people with physical disabilities struggle to consume certain products. Liquids can get into the lungs and this can cause aspiration and more serious health complications. What this innovation does is thicken up items so that people have an easier time chewing and swallowing their foods, including liquids, but still retain the flavor of the food as well. This creates safer eating, more enjoyment, and ultimately a better quality of life.

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