Who Invented Stuffed Crust Pizza


Stuffed crust pizza has quickly become one of America’s most favored types of pizza. There is a lot of controversy over exactly who can be credited with this tasty treat. A lot of people recall that the chain restaurant Pizza Hut introduced the stuffed crust pizza but very little is remembered about the individual that actually came up with the idea.

The History

Oddly enough like all great ideas the stuffed crust pizza was born in someone’s basement and was a combination of two very average and ordinary foods. Chaz Romano loved everything cheesy. He was one of seven children born to Italian American parents.

Whilst living in his parents basement at the age of 24 Chaz “invented” stuff crust pizza by stuffing a piece of string cheese into a leftover Olive Garden bread stick and placing the cheese stuffed bread stick in the microwave. From here, stuffed crust pizza was born.

How Did Pizza Hut Get The Credit?

Pizza Hut was the chain that bought the rights to Chaz’s great idea. Following Chaz’s sale of his idea to Pizza Hut, he has continued to work in the food industry. Many critics have attacked Pizza Hut over taking the credit for inventing stuffed crust pizza; however, no official claims were ever made by them.

Chaz was paid an undisclosed sum for his idea and it has opened the door to other opportunities with chain restaurants across the US. Chaz has worked with Burger King and other chain restaurants to improve their offerings. He combines science and tasting to come up with different ways to improve what fast food should taste like. He has quite the following in the fast food industry and is considered a guru of sorts.

Chaz’s Motivation

It is true necessity is the mother of invention according to Chaz. He is a self-described “cheese maniac” and thinks the only thing better than more cheese in food is to add some bacon to it. He says there was one simple motivating factor in his invention “hunger”. He had a snack attack and all he had was a leftover bread stick and some cheese so he combined the two and felt like other people needed to know how great his idea was. Chaz says that he is motivated by a simple love of food.

Chaz no longer lives in his parent’s basement but is still very active in discovering new food combinations.

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