Who Invented the Chinook Helicopter


The Chinook is a dual engine American helicopter that is most often used by the United States Army to transport troops, supplies and heavy equipment. This was the first twin engine helicopter to be invented and was accomplished through the work of Frank Piasecki.

Mr. Piasecki held multiple aviation patents at the time he eventually invented the twin engine helicopter in 1945. For years, Piasecki worked on the design and philosophy of his invention. The actual Chinook helicopter did not become a reality until the Army and Air Force Aviation experts and panel created it with intending for it to replace the Skikorsky CH 37 Mohave.

Role of the Chinook

The Chinook served the original objective to perform heavy lifting upon deployment for lifting and transporting in any type of weather. Originally designed to hold 226kg, the initial plans were scraped in 1956 due to funding limitations. It took until 1958, when the project was finally refunded and handed over to Vertol to redesign for serving troop movements and heavy equipment transportation. Boeing eventually bought out Vertol and took over the project. The first Chinook was simple called Model 107 followed by Model 114.


By 1962, several prototypes of the Chinook were unveiled before it took its maiden flight. The helicopter was well known by its name as a nod to the Native American tribe of the Northwest, although its official name was the CH-47.

Since its inception, several redesigns have occurred on this model to improve the power and performance. The first update took place in 1982 and again in 2006.


The Chinook has been considered a valued asset in every war since Vietnam. The use of this craft took some initial getting used to. The large cargo bay and special training sessions required a lot of preparation for troops to prevent overloading of the cargo bays.

In recent times, this great invention is primarily utilized for support to artillery units that need to move heavy munitions and other heavy equipment needs. Thousands of tanks and Humvees in the last twenty years have been supported by the Chinook due to one man’s vision.