Who Invented The Colt Revolver


One of the best known names in the firearms industry is Colt. That is primarily because of Samuel Colt, who created the first feasible method of firing a handgun multiple times without reloading it. He called his invention the Colt Revolver, and although he never took credit for the actual invention of the revolver, it is his patent that is often referred to as the first high quality firearm that could be used in such a manner.

Even though the patent was granted in 1836, sales were extremely slow for Colt. So slow, in fact, that he just about gave up on the business. If there was one thing that Colt was good at, however, it was marketing and so he put his advertising genius to work. With the Mexican War starting in 1846, he got his first major order: 1000 revolvers from the US government. By 1855, Samuel Colt was able to open the world’s largest factory that focused on private gun sales. In 1856, his factories were producing 150 weapons per day.

Besides the Multiple Shot Revolver, Colt Invented Modern Marketing

What did you see in the last advertisement that you saw on television or in a poster or other visual medium? The standard for advertising before Colt’s time was to let the product sell itself. You’d display an image of the product; talk about what that product could do, and then discuss a problem that the product could solve. Colt tried that with his revolvers at first too, but soon realized that his marketing solutions weren’t working.

He needed to do something different. That’s where his marketing genius became apparent. Colt was often criticized because he wasn’t afraid to bribe and threaten people to make a sale. He would also play one country against the other under the threat of selling his revolver to other countries when a conflict was going on. In one highly criticized incident, he sold revolvers to nations in Europe that were at high alert, escalating the arms race in the region.

He also was the first to incorporate celebrities into the advertising campaigns that he developed. He would have his Colt revolver displayed prominently on the image with the celebrity holding it or displaying it in some way with a quote supporting the product.

What Did the Colt Revolver Do?

In some ways, Samuel Colt revolutionized the way wars were conducted and how people could protect themselves. There was no longer a rush to clean a barrel to reload a weapon because the revolver could fire multiple times. It made providing for one’s family easier as well because hunting would become easier. As the US expanded and homesteads were continually developed, the Colt revolver made it possible to endure sometimes harsh conditions because food could be provided.

Samuel Colt really did just invent one primary product and then he invented a way to market it. Even though this occurred before the US Civil War, what is unique about these efforts is that they are still used in some way today. Because of this, it can easily be argued that Samuel Colt had one of the greatest influences of the business world today.

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