Who Invented The George Foreman Grill


For a long time, the lean and mean fat grilling machine known as the George Foreman grill blanketed the airwaves in infomercials every day. Launched in 1994 initially, by the turn of the century it was considered one of the hottest products on the market. Turned into traditional grills and other items, it was seen as an easy way to remove fat and grease from food. It was invented by Michael Boehm and marketed by George Foreman to great success – over 140 million have been sold so far.

Although the George Foreman Grill might be the most famous item that Boehm has invented, there are a number of additional inventions that he has been a part of. Here is a brief look at some of the other useful items that you may use every day.

1. Improved Drinking Container Lids

Have you ever had a drinking container lid that just leaked from the sides on you? This is due to a combination of increased air pressure and a lack of sealing pressure around the edge of the cup. Boehm was part of the team that helped to improve the lid by giving it more space on the top with an indented lid so spills could be contained while a better seal could also be obtained with the design.

2. Screw Together Coffee Press

If you’ve never had coffee that came from a coffee press, then you’re missing out on a luxurious experience! The only problem with coffee presses is that when there is limited space, it can be difficult to actually store the device when it isn’t being used. That means taking up counter space and that’s not always an option either. With the screw together coffee press, Boehm created a way for the coffee press to be easily disassembled so it could be cleaned and stored in virtually any home.

3. The Cutting Board Strainer

When you need to cut up just a few fruits or vegetables, isn’t it a bit of a pain to have to either wash them first before cutting them… or wash them after you’ve cut the items? With the cutting board strainer, you only have to get one dish dirty because you can immediately cut your items. Once done, you just place them on the strainer portion of the cutting board and wash them off. It’s not the best tool for large prep work, but for a couple simple items, this invention is an easy way to eliminate some of the extra cleanup work.

4. Stackable Containers

One of the worst chores in the kitchen is organizing the shelves. Whether it is leftovers in the fridge or the spices in the cabinet, it doesn’t take long for a cabinet or shelf to become a mess! With the stackable containers that Boehm invented, there are multiple compartments in each item that will help store multiple items, ingredients, or even snacks at once. They also stack on top of each other so there is less space taken up so a kitchen or a closet can become more organized.

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