Who Invented the Pop Tart


The pop tart has certainly become a breakfast phenomenon over the past few decades thanks to its simple concept and tasty ingredients. A pop tart is basically two layers of thin, pastry crust that surrounds a sugary filling. There are many different varieties of pop tarts, though most of them have frosting on the outside.

Pop tarts are actually pre-cooked, but need to be warmed in the microwave oven or toaster before being served. The foil packages that encase the pop tart keep it fresh and the product does not need to be refrigerated when stored. Pop tarts are superficially similar to the “Toaster Strudels” which were first launched in 1985. However, the toaster strudel needs to be refrigerated unlike the pop tart.

Currently, the pop tart is the most popular item in the Kellogg’s line, selling millions in the United States, UK, Canada, Finland, Ireland and New Zealand. Interestingly enough, the pop tart was discontinued in Australia, although it is still available at import stores.

The History of the Pop Tart

The origins of the pop tart go back several decades as foil was often used to keep food fresh without spoiling with the first known example being dog food. It was the Post company that first launched a toaster-prepared breakfast food that was created to compliment cold cereals. The “Country Squares” were first announced in 1963 and bore a remarkable similarity to the pop tarts that we know today.

However, Kellogg had heard about the “Country Squares” before they were launched and started to develop their own brand in response which was launched in 1964. Their version which was advertised with an animated toaster named, “Milton” became so popular that Kellogg was hard pressed to keep up with the demand. This particular product became known as the “Pop Tart”.

The pop tart did not have frosting when it was first released, but three years later it came with frosting and four different flavors, blueberry, strawberry, apple currant and brown sugar cinnamon. Today, the line of pop tarts has expanded to include raspberry, peanut butter, chocolate chip and s’mores.

The Popularity of Pop Tarts

There is little doubt that the pop tart has been a smash hit in the United States with millions being sold every year. However, that success has yet to be duplicated in the United Kingdom despite a heavy marketing campaign in the 1990s when the product was first introduced.

Over 2.4 million pop tarts were airdropped on US forces in Afghanistan in 2001 after American forces entered the country to combat the Taliban and terrorist threat from that region. By 2004, a new marketing campaign called “Crazy Good” was launched where it bore a strong resemblance to the work of Don Hertzfeldt and as such it was discontinued.

Still, the popularity of the pop tart has been such that millions of people still buy them on a regular basis and they have found a niche in the world marketplace that shows no signs of disappearing anytime soon.

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