Who Invented the Super Soaker


With the rise to popularity in the 1990’s, many people are curious as to who invented the Super Soaker. The Super Soaker is a brand of water gun that was originally used for recreational purposes. Most children enjoyed using this toy with great excitement and experience. Larami introduced the first ever sold Super Soaker that is not sold by Hasbro today under the brand of Nerf. Lonnie Johnson was the original creator and inventor of this beloved toy.

The Super Soaker Invention

Invented in 1982, the Super Soaker was originally made for sale in 1989. The Super Soaker 50, traditionally called the “Power Drencher” was successful in 1991 along with additional televised advertisements. The very first Super Soaker was able to blast water by physically pressurized air that shot water along a great range, accuracy, and power compared to the squirt pistol. It is true that Super Soakers gained popularity for several years and the word “Super Soaker” is used generally in referring a certain category of a pressurized water gun toy.

It was the brand that was made popular by Michael Jackson as one of his favorite toys. Lonnie George Johnson or formerly known as Lonnie Johnson is an American engineer who invented the famous Super Soaker. He was born in October 6, 1949 in Mobile Alabama. Due to the impressive features of his water gun, it is stated that it is the best seller toy in United States starting from 1991 up to 1992.

Super Soaker Technologies

Aside from inventing Super Soaker, he manages two of his own companies which are Johnson Electro-Mechanical system and Excellatron Solid State. Both of these are very popular and gain positive reviews from other professionals. The technology of the Super Soaker are broken down the the following components.

Spring Powdered
Quick Blast is a spring powdered water gun that was made in 2008. This is a trigger less gun that has similarity to the function of a piston pumper. It is loaded of spring piston.

Piston Pumper
Piston pumper was made several years ago. It doesn’t have triggers and it can fire water through pumping. This technology has less power and range compared to other Super Soaker technology.

Johnson made a motorized water gun during 2012. Due to its motorized feature, it can shoot great power and water.

Air pressure (separate chamber)
It has a great power of air pressure system which was firstly introduced by Super Soaker. It is specially designed in order to the water to pump from the reservoir in the empty plastic container.

CPS or constant pressure system is the most powerful water gun that was made by Super Soaker. It is the best seller technology made by them.

Air Pressure (pressured reservoir)
It was originally made popular by Super Soaker 50. It contains a pressurized reservoir system that is similar to a small type and sized water gun.

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