Who Invented Webkinz


Webkinz are fun little stuffed animals that children can interact with when they have an online account. The stuffed animal are only available in the United States and Canada, but kids around the world can purchase virtual pets if they want. At one point, it was estimated that the invention of Webkinz was worth $100 million annually. The inventor of Webkinz, the Canadian toy company Ganz, has turned this franchise into a toy empire.

Ganz has been a number of entertainment options that kids and adults have enjoyed over the years. Here is a look at some of their best creations that have happened since the company was founded in the 1950’s.

1. Amazing World

There are a lot of role-playing games that are on the Internet today that aren’t very kid friendly. That’s why the appearance of Amazing World has been such a joy for kids who want to start engaging with the role-playing game atmosphere. Take on the role of a cuddly animal, have great ventures online that are 3D, and it’s all free to play.

2. Beyond a Bag

Ganz is responsible for more than just toys. Beyond a Bag is a line of versatile and expandable total products that help men and women have the shopping companion that they need. You can go from a compact bag to a full purse and half for different looks with some of the products. They are all stylish and colorful, made from durable items, and the designs have multiple products and smart storage areas so that you can always store more when you need to have the space.

3. Grumpy Cat Merchandise

Ganz didn’t invent the Grumpy Cat phenomenon, but they did create a line of complementary products that can help everyone show their love for the world’s grumpiest cat. Grumpy Cat has over 5.1 million Facebook likes and over $200,000 on Twitter. Owner of the Friskies Lifetime Achievement Award, if you want to explore the hate you have for people in a fun way, then Ganz has created a series of products that you’re certain to enjoy.

4. Time and Again

Ganz has also entered the personal care market with a series of body creams, lotions, and even candles that can help you turn your home into a relaxing getaway. With a wide range of refreshing and inviting fragrances that will help you feel 100% on even the worst of days, the natural products that are the core focus of the Time and Again product line are about as far from Webkinz as one can get and still be within the same company.

5. Style 101

You can look great without having to spend a fortune. That’s the philosophy of Ganz, where women can get a casual or sophisticated look thanks to jewelry and scarves that have bold patterns and a modern look, with just a touch of the antique. Many of the items are considered must-have because they take the classic style that women love today and turn it into a day-to-night look that will have you ready for anything.

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