Why the Right Will Neither Forgive Nor Forget


By David Attwood

Traditionally, when one’s candidate loses the election for the presidency of the United States, feelings of anger and depression arise. It is in our nature to root for our team, our player and our candidate. It is quite natural to feel a sense of impending doom and uncertainty after a loss. After all, conservative voters generally vote based on which candidate they believe will support and implement policies that align with the Constitution, morals, and conservative values. Liberals on the other hand tend to select and vote for candidates based on emotionally driven needs and wants that are subject to change and often lead to disastrous policies with horrendous unintended consequences. This has been established in many studies.

So why then would it be different this time? After all, we would expect Trump voters to lick their wounds, suck it up, roll up their sleeves, and return to work in a patriotic fashion as conservatives always do. In order to answer that question, we must first answer another question: Why did so many thousands of individuals choose to take time off from work, spend considerable resources, and inconvenience themselves in order to visit the nation’s capital Jan. 6 for what is usually an unremarkable process of certifying electoral votes?

First, we must understand that conservative voters have endured not just the last four years of insults, berating, and unreasonable and childlike behavior out of the Democrat-led House and the Democrat senators as well as many Republicans that failed to support and often worked against President Trump. They suffered eight years of flagrant trampling of the Constitution, irresponsible and reckless leftist policies and regulations, scandals and abuse, insults and divisiveness from the Obama administration and liberals in the legacy media and social media.

The 2016 election, while a victory for conservatives, was an expression of our frustration and anger at Democrats and liberals, many of whom labeled us as racists, bigots, xenophobes, and greedy capitalist pigs rather than debate policies with us in a civilized manner. The Democrats committed numerous actions during their campaign that led even the most skeptical voter to conclude that Democrats had engaged in less than ethical behavior to win an election, from the meeting on the tarmac to the Democratic National Committee supplying the debate questions to Hillary, the abundance of undocumented aliens suspected of voting to the polling numbers being pushed by the media that were grossly incorrect. All these contributed to a base level of distrust from conservatives.

Underneath the noticeable actions though, lies a far deeper and prolonged manipulation of the system. A violation of the fundamental principle that keeps our nation free and prosperous. It is the belief and faith in our vote being counted that keeps us a democratic republic that has been under siege by Democrats for years.

Laws have been changed to allow widespread unchecked voting requiring little or no signature verification. Language has been changed in regulations, sometimes a word or two at a time. Voter registration rolls have never been purged, allowing untold numbers of ballots to be sent out. Year after year, progressive Democrat activists have brought suit after suit to the courts presided over by partisan activist judges that allowed a swarm of election policies to be implemented. These actions created and fostered a modern version of ballot-box stuffing on an industrial scale.

Throughout President Trump’s tenure, the Democrats have attempted to remove him from office no matter what the cost might be. Their irrational hatred for Trump and the voters that chose him has been the constant drone of the left. A symphony that has blared its ugly discordant notes of venom at us constantly. We have watched the left attempt to remove him through the Russia hoax, through a variety of baseless charges and lies cast through big tech and the media. We have seen them attempt to remove President Trump through impeachment, even though it’s expressly prohibited from being used a political tool. Even now Nancy Pelosi is attempting to impeach yet again.

While it’s largely symbolic of the left’s irrational hatred and utter contempt for Trump and his voters, it also serves to further the belief that the left fears exposure by Trump as a parting shot on the way out of office.

While Trump will be leaving the Oval Office in a peaceful transfer of power, the voters are left with more questions than answers. There is a loss of faith in the election process by an unprecedented 80% of Trump voters. Many studies show that even up to 30% of Democrat voters acknowledge that the election was fraudulent.

With so many Republicans believing that the election was fraudulent and the process corrupted, their anger is directed toward the party that orchestrated the fraud. That anger is not simply the usual anger at seeing their candidate lose. The system has been corrupted and invalidated. The Democrat Party logically has no interest whatsoever in repairing the election process to ensure free and fair elections. They had no interest in putting any questions to rest about the validity of the process before the election.

The anger and frustration that the Republican base is feeling right now has been years in the making by the Democrat’s ongoing manipulation of voting laws and regulations culminating in the highly suspect 2020 election.

In order to resolve the divide between conservatives and liberals that is metastasizing and threatening to overwhelm this great nation, meaningful election law reform must happen immediately. We must have a conversation on free and fair elections.

This article was originally published on American Thinker

Image: PixaHive