10 Ways To Fight Back Against The Globalists Trying To Enslave Us!

There is immense power in our numbers and the globalists seeking to control us know it - which is why they are constantly trying to divide us. We list 10 actions we can all do to fight the coming tyranny planned for America.


The “New Normal”

American’s are being forced into a “New Normal” designed to strip them of their constitutional rights. This new normal is being advanced on the back of an artificial, “Great Reset” using the highly questionable and dubious COVID-19 narrative. This is not some conspiracy theory, this is a fact, and one that has become exceedingly obvious to anyone paying attention. The globalists behind this agenda don’t even try to hide it anymore. “You will own nothing and be happy”? “You will rent everything you need”? (from mega-corporations) “Eat bugs, not meat”? Vaccine passports are being rolled out restricting the very essence of freedom until we acquiesce to the experimental shot.

We have been under constant attack from a powerful fear-based propaganda campaign promoted by every major media outlet. The goal is to scare us so badly that we lose our critical thinking skills. Guess what… it worked like a charm on many Americans. Over the last year, our freedoms have been held hostage in exchange for compliance with new restrictions over our liberty that make no sense at all. Unless we submit to the globalist’s solutions we cannot enter into society again.

We have been sold a false reality where the solutions to our perceived problems are offered through marketing slogans like New Normal, Build Back Better, or Reimagined. These are the terms that are being used to rebrand the transition. Don’t be fooled by these words. They are nothing more than deceptive and innocent-sounding euphemisms designed to obscure the real objective – a new form of technocratic serfdom. These terms were carefully chosen and being repeated by politicians all over the world, almost like they are all reading from the same script. (wink, wink)

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An Unholy Alliance

The truth is, there are many forces aligned to help advance this new normal, which include major banking cartels, powerful multi-national corporations, The United Nations, World Health Organization, The World Economic Forum, the deep state or permanent bureaucracy, the political minion class, (in both major parties) billionaire technocrats, far-left ideologues, (Communists, Marxists, Socialists)  eugenicists, and the corporate-owned & controlled media.

We can collectively call them the establishment, or the powers that be. The globalists have essentially infiltrated every important aspect of society through the years. They are not interested in our constitutional rights, in fact, they despise them. They are collectivist control freaks and they are desperate to save the present control structure and to further enslave humanity. Unfortunately, through their media and positions of influence throughout our culture, the globalists have turned millions of Americans into useful idiots willing to accept and even demand their own slavery.


It’s All About Control

The goal of the globalists is to remove our individual rights under the guise of reimagining the world based on what’s best for the collective good. The globalists want you to believe the great reset is being proposed for pragmatic or altruistic reasons, but their true motivation is power & control.

Vaccine Passports??

Ask yourself a simple question: Why would we ever require everyone in the world to be vaccinated with an experimental vaccine (that is technically not even a vaccine but really gene therapy & cannot prevent the spread of the virus, as told to us in the manufacturers own words) for a virus with a 99.7+% recovery rate??

Why are we being lied to about the true COVID death count and why are other effective treatments for COVID that were available early on being suppressed? Why was there no flu season last year?  If the answers to these questions are not painfully obvious to you by now, you are simply not using your critical thinking skills and blindly following a false narrative.

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We can no longer afford to sit on the sidelines because we are facing an existential threat to our freedom (and our lives). These people are coming for our scalps and they cannot be reasoned with. The time has come for Americans to choose a side and the choice has never been clearer. Do we want to fight for our freedoms or accept full-spectrum technocratic domination over our lives?

Non-Cooperation & Targeted Boycotts

Two methods that we can deploy are noncooperation (organized refusal to comply) and targeted boycotts. Classical liberals, conservatives, libertarians, & voluntarists in America alone, must be well over 100 million strong. 100 million people refusing to comply with unconstitutional orders that are also economically aligned against specific targets is a powerful force! Even half of those numbers would be extremely effective.

We need to opt-out of their ideas/systems/unconstitutional legislation and divest from their goods and services both with our attention and our dollars. If enough of us do so, their unsustainable illusion of control will collapse under its own weight. The powers that be know this, which is why they want us fighting with each other rather than uniting behind ideas that can actually benefit humanity.


Leaderless, Decentralized Movement

We need to organize but in a decentralized manner. A leaderless, decentralized, antifragile movement is the key to success. In order to achieve this, any action we take must be done autonomously. Groups and leaders are usually co-opted once they reach critical mass. We need to channel our energy into productive and positive actions that cannot be undermined. Here are just a few of the actions we can take that can be extremely effective.

10 Ways We Can Fight The Globalists Trying To Enslave Us

1- Disconnect from the corporate media & their propaganda. It is not an exaggeration to state that the corporate media is a weapon of mass deception and a true enemy of the people. They have most certainly poisoned the minds of our nation. This includes Hollywood and the music industry. Stop watching and supporting their news, entertainment, woke sports, music with disgusting lyrics, et al. Don’t buy any of their products and unsubscribe to any and all of their paid services. Our attention gives them their power and our dollars are the life-blood of these companies. Why should we give our attention and hard-earned dollars to multinational corporations who despise us?!

The most important real estate in the world is the space between our ears. The globalists need control over this space to continue manufacturing our consent or their game will stop. Don’t let them have it!

2 – Help Wake Up Your Friends, Family & Co-workers. Many people are questioning corporate media programming and realizing that the media and the people in power are lying to them. They are looking for new sources of information but can’t find any due to censorship. Help them find credible information and help educate people on why the American experiment is so special. Here is a list of alternative media and news sites that are being censored. Creating mass awareness is one of the most powerful things we can do. Help people who are looking for new information to understand the nature of this technocratic communist takeover. Share this article if you like it. Don’t waste your time trying to convert hopeless CNN and Fox News zombies. Some people are brainwashed for life and will never believe anything unless the corporate media tells them to.

3 – Get Off Corporate Social Media and Never Spend a Penny on Those Platforms. Instead, we must turn to alternative media options and help grow the companies that stand for freedom of speech. Freedom is not possible without freedom of speech. Those platforms are tracking you and profiting from your information. The only reason to use the corporate platforms would be to organize against them. Here is a list of free speech platforms. 

4 – Resist this Global Reset at all costs! This new normal the globalists are proposing is not about the betterment of humanity! It’s about replacing the crumbling old paradigm with a new and more draconian one. It’s about tracking our every movement and controlling our behavior. It’s about a small amount of people having control over what we think and do. Here is a good article on how we can resist the great reset at a local level. Do not be coerced into taking these experimental vaccines – they are not what we are being told they are!

5- Rally around our fellow citizens who are being persecuted. This is extremely important! If they pick on one of us they pick a fight with us all! We cannot let them pick us off individually like they are doing. When our fellow citizens are being persecuted for their political or ideological beliefs we need to circle the wagons and let them know they cannot do this without repercussions from all of us. We need to show our support and rally around politicians or businesses who are standing up to the globalists too. During the lockdowns, businesses who chose to ignore the unconstitutional orders given by their state governors or mayors were left to fend for themselves. If we stick together, we become less vulnerable. Never forget, there is enormous power in our numbers!

6 – We need more of us to enter politics. By nature, we are a group of doers with critical jobs that make society function. Politics and power over other people’s lives generally do not interest us. Nevertheless, we must be represented within our government. Both major parties have been thoroughly corrupted. We need to primary anyone in the Republican Party who has shown to stray from the constitution or start a new party. Don’t give a penny to the GOP just because they are the GOP. Politicians need to earn our support in their deeds, not their words! If the GOP falls in the process, so be it, they are part of the problem and useless to us now anyway.

7 – Get involved with your local community. Connect with local patriots, constitutionalist, groups/officials/police/sheriffs. Being involved in the community is very important in shaping the direction of your state’s legislation and enforcement of legislation. Winning hearts and minds to the cause of freedom at a grassroots level is a very effective strategy. Again, there is power in our numbers but we need to loosely organize.

8 – Shop Local and avoid Big Box Stores! Buy anything you can from a small business owner instead of the corporations. Small businesses are being wiped out and need our help! Stay away from big box stores and national chains. Try to avoid all corporate products, especially the ones bending the knee to wokism. A decentralized economy.

9 – Homeschool. This may be difficult for many people because the education system has essentially become the largest government-sponsored daycare/indoctrination program in the nation. It’s disguised as an institution dedicated to preparing our children for the real world but it’s anything but. Parents are busy with jobs and are unable to dedicate the time it takes in educating their children. Nevertheless, we have seen a boom in new homeschoolers since the beginning of this pandemic. If it’s possible, and until we can achieve real education reform, opt-out of this state-run indoctrination system and homeschool your children. Here is a link to the Homeschool Legal Defense Association. They are an excellent resource for homeschooling and for a small yearly donation (around $100) they will provide legal representation if it’s ever needed.

10 – They Need Our Consent, Don’t Give It! These control freak globalists are becoming desperate but never forget, they need our consent to carry out their plans. Unlike most other countries, the spirit of freedom is part of our heritage and in our DNA. American citizens are also the most heavily armed in the world. That’s why they need our consent, otherwise, they wouldn’t even ask. This is also exactly why our founding fathers were so adamant about the second amendment. It sure as shit wasn’t about hunting animals.

Don’t be fooled by false flag shootings designed to remove our second amendment rights. We must aggressively resist any attempt to take away our second amendment rights!

The World Is Awakening

We are seeing populist uprisings all over the world, even if the corporate media refuses to cover it. This is not something that can be suppressed. By doing so, it will only build more energy and express itself in unpredictable ways.

Too many people have become aware of the corruption and rapacious nature of the globalist’s control structure. The globalist’s illusion is evaporating before our very eyes. Once a person is awake, (opposite of woke) they cannot go back to sleep.

Resist this false paradigm being forced on us! Don’t give your time, energy, attention, and hard-earned money towards any product, service, or idea that is not aligned with our individual freedom, or at least not against it. It can be enough to bring the control structure to its knees.

This article is an abridged version of our previous report titled: The Globalists Ruling Class Have Declared War on Americans – Game On!