The Globalists Ruling Class Have Declared War on Americans – Game On!

Globalists have declared war on American citizens but the one thing they truly fear is our ability to organize and unite. There is immense power in our numbers and they know it. This is why they are constantly trying to divide us. We list 10 actions we can all do to fight the coming tyranny planned for America.


In this report/article, we do a deep dive into the events of the last several years, how they are being used against us, and what we can do about it. We used the term globalists but there are many interests aligning to steer us into a “new normal” designed to strip us of our constitutional rights and fundamentally change America. They consist of major banking cartels, multi-national corporations, the deep state or permanent bureaucracy, the political minion class, (in both parties) billionaire technocrats, far-left ideologues, (Communists, Marxists, Socialists)  eugenicists, and the corporate-owned & controlled media. We can collectively call this group the establishment, the powers that be, or globalists, and we will refer to them as all three throughout this report.

We focused on the globalists because they have enormous influence over global policies and are the driving force behind this great reset or new normal agenda. They are the top 1% of the control structure and many of them are not even known to the public. The globalists are multi-national and have no allegiance to any county but they have their tentacles in every important and influential aspect of our society.

The goal of the globalists is to remove our individual rights under the guise of reimagining the world based on what’s best for the collective good. The globalists want you to believe the great reset is being proposed for pragmatic or altruistic reasons, but their true motivation is power & control.

With that said, we want to present the version of events the corporate media is desperately trying to suppress. There is a bigger picture the media is obscuring that we think people should be aware of. We also want to propose some solutions that can be used to fight back against the coming tyranny planned for America. Here we go!

Speed the Shift is a collective group of researchers, but we will be using I instead of we for the narration from here on

President Trump

Since the moment Donald J. Trump was elected in 2016, there has been a concerted effort by the globalist ruling class, their political minions, and the corporate media to destroy him and anyone associated with him. They used every dirty tactic in their playbook against President Trump and created a false narrative based on absolute (and proven) lies. Donald Trump is not a perfect man, (who among us is?) but he is certainly not the person the media made millions of Americans think he is.

I was never a Trump fan and I didn’t vote for him in 2016. Growing up in New York, I have been exposed to Donald Trump for my entire life. Let’s just say he was never my cup of tea. After he became president, however, my opinion of him changed and I had a newfound respect for the man.

From what I could tell, President Trump sincerely wanted to make America great by focusing on our national interests. In fact, he encouraged all foreign leaders to do the same with their countries. This was no secret – it was the major theme of his campaign. Make America Great Again…#MAGA. The majority of Americans agreed, which is why he won the election in 2016.

Then I watched as the whole establishment apparatus kicked into full gear and viciously attack him 24/7 week after week. Democrats, Republicans, the media, the entertainment industry, and the permanent bureaucracy all hated this man. I saw the US intelligence agencies (and foreign intelligence agencies) weaponized and turned against him. There were people within his administration and anonymous sources that were leaking information to the press to damage him on almost a weekly basis. He was a man under siege and it was coming from all directions!

I have never witnessed any public figure attacked with the level of sustained intensity as Donald Trump was after he became president! In fact, they are still trying to destroy him and he is not even the president anymore. It was then that I realized that Trump must be a real threat to the corrupt status quo.

The corporate media wanted Americans to focus on President Trump’s superficial shortcomings, or they made up lies about Russia (and countless others) so they could distract us from the larger threat he posed to the corrupt establishment. Sadly, millions of Americans fell for the media’s subterfuge. Rather than questioning the media’s false narrative and seeing the larger picture, people chose to hate Donald Trump for petty reasons that had no bearing on his ability to lead this country.

One of the challenges that the media could never overcome was the fact that the majority of Americans didn’t vote for President Trump because he was a choir boy. They voted for him because he wasn’t a politician. America was sick of smooth-talking or milquetoast politicians that sold out our people and country time and again.

Electing Donald Trump was a giant collective, Fuck You from Americans to the establishment, and the establishment knew it.


Why So Much Hatred For President Trump?

As much as the establishment hated Trump and everything he stood for, it wasn’t about him personally, it was about his policies that put America first. It was also the populist movement he represented. This is the key to understanding the intense hatred of this man as well as the motivation for his detractors to destroy him.

Donald Trump was a very popular public figure on both sides of the aisle, and in popular culture, before he became the president. It is not like his ideology was unknown. His feelings about American foreign & domestic policy were well-publicized long before he became president. But once he was elected, he was in a position to change the things he spoke about for so many years. Trump and his policies were now a real threat to the globalist agenda.

President Trump did not start new wars either, in fact, he was nominated 5 times for the Nobel peace prize for his foreign policy initiatives, another problem for the globalists. The last thing the globalists want is for peace to break out in the world.

I’m not trying to convince anyone that Donald Trump was the perfect president, he wasn’t. There are more than of few of his policies that I do not agree with too. I’m not saying that his behavior was always perfect either. But let’s not forget, politics is a contact sport, and much of what Trump had to contend with could only be done by someone with his type of personality and intestinal fortitude. A lesser man would have folded early on.

What I will strongly argue is that the main reason that Trump was so hated is that he was a threat to the swamp and wanted to change things. It had nothing to do with lies the media told us. Anyone who tries to make meaningful changes in Washington D.C. will be met with intense resistance. Donald Trump was not immune to these forces.

The truth of the matter is, nationalism is at direct odds with globalism, and therein lies the fundamental problem between Trump and & globalists.

People seem to forget, the majority of Americans gave Donald Trump a mandate to carry out the policies he said he would during his campaign. The establishment did their best to undermine Trump, but by doing so, they were undermining the American political system. By attacking Trump, they were attacking the majority of American voters. By robbing Trump of his second term, they stole the voice of 75 million Americans!

The globalists, their political minions, and the corporate media are the real threat to democracy, not Donald Trump!!! How are people not seeing this!?

A common misconception that people have about Trump’s supporters is that they are a brainwashed cult who are mindlessly following their leader. The truth is, his supporters have seen through the media propaganda years ago and know how corrupt the system is. They elected him to drain the swamp. President Trump was the first politician to actually identify the problems that his supporters already knew to be the case, and by doing so, Trump made a powerful connection with them.

The Trump haters seem to enjoy a sense of moral superiority as they spew scripted media talking points as their reason for hating him. The truth is, the people who believe every word the media and government tell them are the ones who really are brainwashed! They are so hopelessly brainwashed that they can be easily manipulated by their emotions alone.


Now that Donald Trump is no longer the president, the powers that be have shifted their attacks from Trump, directly to the American people. But this will backfire. Patriotic Americans have had just about enough of the attacks against them over the last 4 years. They are extremely angry that their voice was stolen in the last election.

The Awakening Is Accelerating!

In the last several decades we have been going through a slow but steady mass awakening (mainly due to the internet). After Donald Trump became president, there was a quickening in the political aspect of the awakening.

President Trump was one of the first politicians in my lifetime to call out the establishment and go head to head with their media. He never backed down from them either, which made them hate him even more. He also had an uncanny way of smoking his detractors out of their holes and forcing the establishment to expose its own hypocrisy.

In the year 2020, the awakening went exponential and the globalist controlled establishment exposed itself to millions of new people. In their blind hatred towards President Trump and his supporters, the globalists overreached and revealed themselves and their dirty (and illegal) tactics for the whole world to see.

These people have shown themselves to be extremely deceptive, power-hungry, hypocritical opportunists willing to do anything to suppress the peaceful populist movement happening in America. This includes stealing a national election. Rather than being content with their ill-gotten gains, (they never are) they are escalating tensions by directly attacking Americans who disagree with their policies.

The globalists have removed the velvet glove and the iron fist is starting to become impossible for people to ignore. This is not going over well with the majority of Americans and there will be consequences to their heavy-handed actions.

Make No Mistake… We Are At War!

In 2021, the globalist and their establishment frontmen (the political minion class & corporate media) have openly declared war on their opponents. If you are a Trump supporter, patriot, conservative, libertarian, Christian, free thinker, or just disagree with the new administration’s policies, you have been essentially declared an enemy of the state. Dissent is no longer allowed in America according to the new regime that was installed last November.

If you are a white male, you’re automatically assumed to be a white supremacist or privileged and at the top of their enemy list, even though the people behind this agenda are predominantly white males, including their newly installed puppet president.

If you fall into one of the aforementioned categories, you have been canceled and your opinion no longer matters. You are not even allowed to question the establishment’s obvious false narrative. This is not hyperbole, they come right out and say it. Some of these far-left statists are openly suggesting the need to send Trump supporters and their children to reeducation camps. One might attribute this kind of sentiment to a lone leftist crackpot, but he is not an outlier.

Washington Post columnist Eugene Robinson says that Trump Supporters need to be deprogrammed. Katie Couric said the same thing.  CNN’s Don Lemon said it too. MSNBC anchor, Nicole Wallace went so far as to infer that Americans accused of incitement may need to be struck by drones. These are just a few examples but there are many more. Are you starting to see the pattern?


Bejing Biden & The Rise Of The Thought Police

Since the installment of Bejing Joe Biden, (that nickname seems to be more fitting by the day) we are witnessing an unprecedented amount of censorship in America. We are also watching the demonization of law-abiding American citizens whose crime is merely political dissent. This is what China does, not America! And to think, these same people called Donald Trump a dictator… talk about projection.

The political minion class and their media will tell you that Trump and his supporters represent a threat to democracy because of the so-called dangerous “insurrection” at the Capitol but this is patently false. This is the same “insurrection” where Capitol police let the people in and then later shot an unarmed woman for no reason. The one where leftists Antifa members disguised as Trump supporters were breaking windows while real Trump supporters tried to stop them.

I’m not saying that real Trump supporters did not get involved in the melee, they did. But they were not the ones who initiated the destructive behavior we witnessed.

There were many other strange occurrences at the capitol that day, including paid actors, protesters with earpieces, (agent provocateurs?) and fake tear gas, etc.

Trump held dozens of rallies in 2020 with millions of people in attendance. His supporters never destroyed anything. The only time there was ever any violence at his rallies was when Antifa or BLM members showed up. Antifa and BLM, however, have been destroying our cities for months on end with very few consequences or denouncement from the establishment.

In fact, much of the media and many politicians often tried to justify the destruction of our cities, and large corporations even sponsored these groups. BLM raised tens of millions of dollars in 2020 alone, much of which came from corporate sponsors.

Isn’t it odd that the establishment was so outraged over the one-day event at the Capitol, yet had no problem with the burning and looting of our cities for months? Maybe because BLM & Antifa are part of the establishment.

Just to put things in perspective, we had riots for months where Antifa and BLM literally burnt down cities, destroyed police cars, killed dozens of people, and even destroyed or took over police departments, and the response was for the police to stand down and later be defunded.

Then we had a rally in DC for one day with one death, a few broken windows, and some people wandering around the Capitol and the establishment fenced off and militarized DC with 30,000+ armed troops. Does that add up?

You see, civil disobedience is only okay when it’s done by the left. The truth is, the Capitol rally “insurrection” was a media-sensationalized staged event designed to brand patriots as a threat to society. This makes persecuting & silencing them far more easy.

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Shortly after the Capitol event, former CIA head spook & MSM talking head, John Brennan declared that domestic terrorists & even Libertarians are far more dangerous than foreign terrorists. He said that the Biden administration is laser-focused on rooting them out.

For those who are unaware, the term, domestic terrorist is code for Trump supporters or anyone who disagrees with the false narrative being promoted. Brennan also went on record saying that Trump supporters need to be publicly humiliated in order to be accepted back into society. Democrat, Tulsi Gabbard is one of the only politicians to publicly denounce Brennan. Brennan’s statements are dangerous and we need to treat them as such.

These may seem to be isolated cases but they are not. This is the general sentiment among the Democrat Party and most of the Republicans too (only they won’t come out and openly admit it). Still not convinced? Check out the new legislation being put forth.

The War Went Hot In 2020

In my opinion, the events of 2020 did not happen organically. This was an attack against America that was planned years in advance. I’m not alone in this thinking. The COVID-19 virus most likely came from a lab in Wuhan and was funded by non-other than Dr. Fauci.

It would not surprise me in the least bit if this virus was intentionally turned loose on the American people to help usher in the globalist great reset. I do not put anything past these people. As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, Americans have never been more vulnerable to a great reset than they are right now. What we do know, is that the virus was highly exaggerated, quickly politicized, and weaponized to be used against Trump and America.

The violence we witnessed during 2020 by Antifa and Black lives Matter was pre-planned and meant to create chaos, division, and intimidate Americans into acquiescing to the demands of the globalists. These were not organic uprisings but rather coordinated attacks on American cities carried out by leftist rent a mobs. The rioters even had their own supplies of pallets of bricks, projectiles, (and pallets of bottled water in some cases) delivered to them on-site. Why was the delivery of these supplies never investigated?

Antifa and BLM are the globalist’s foot soldiers who use Bolshevik tactics to make their point. Globalist poster boy, George Soros isn’t the only person of questionable character who funds these groups. There are other groups with ties to the Chinese Communist Party who are funding them too.

These footsoldiers are using an old tactic and sending a not-so-subtle message to all of us. Comply or be harassed or worse! Make no mistake, we are at war with these people, and the war went hot in 2020! It’s just not the type of war we are used to.

Joe Biden Has No Mandate! 

Any reasonable person with an ounce of critical thinking skills knows that Joe Biden did not win this election. Even a third of Democrats who were polled thought Biden stole the election from Trump. The evidence of election fraud is overwhelming!

Poll workers were caught red-handed, on video running votes for Biden over and over after everyone was sent home. Every swing state stopped counting votes in what seemed to be a coordinated effort. This has never happened before. There are almost a thousand sworn affidavits claiming first-hand knowledge of widespread voter fraud. There were mysterious drops of Biden ballots in the middle of the night and even a truckload of ballots for Biden was driven over state lines.

Then there were the Dominion voting machines. A court-ordered audit found that the Dominion machines were, “intentionally and purposely designed with inherent errors to create systemic fraud and influence election results.” 

Time Magazine recently published an article that tried to justify the election fraud. In the article, the author essentially claimed that they “fortified the election” in order to save it. Tim Pool discusses the Time article in the video linked above.

The globalists are doing everything in their power to try and legitimize the Biden administration but the majority of people aren’t buying it.

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Because the courts refused to investigate any evidence in an objective manner and the establishment politicians refused to investigate election fraud, this issue is far from resolved. As a result, Joe Biden has no mandate with the majority of people in this country, and almost everyone knows it.

They were hoping to get away with this blatant steal but they didn’t, and they know it. Joe Biden will never be viewed as our legitimate president or taken seriously by the majority of people in this country and they’re starting to realize that now. That’s why they don’t want anyone to even question the election results.

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A Crisis In Confidence – The Real Threat To Democracy!

There are consequences to stealing an election and being so obvious about it. I’m sure this is not the first case of election fraud in our country but to be so sloppy and blatant about it, and then try to gaslight an entire nation into thinking it never happened is not acceptable to most Americans.

Not only do we have a president with no mandate, but we are also witnessing the implosion of the American political system. This may sound like an exaggeration but it is not. For the most part, both major parties were either in on the steal or okay with it. The fact that so many of our politicians refused to stand up and call for real investigations into the 2020 election fraud is very troubling.

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What this past election has shown is that our elected officials have no loyalty to their constituents or the rule of law in our country. The two major political parties are now virtually indistinguishable on important issues and the electoral process has proven to be meaningless.

Knowing what we know about this past election, how can we ever trust an election again? Without confidence in the electoral process, there is no more American political system! Our system is no better than Venezuela now, or any other banana republic.

Again, this is a much bigger threat to democracy than anything Donald Trump and his supporters ever did!

The American public is also coming to the realization that most of our politicians (and the courts) are bought and paid for by corporate interests, being blackmailed or compromised in one form or another. The only people who still believe in the illusion of a functioning Republic (they think it’s a Democracy) are the useful idiots who watch CNN, MSNBC, and Fox News for their daily dose of programming.

The Corporate Media is Becoming Irrelevant

Fortunately, the establishment’s propaganda news outlets and major big tech media platforms are running out of credibility to lose. Trust in mainstream media has been waning for years and continues to do so. Without President Trump in office, their ratings are plummeting even further.

These days, the word censorship is becoming synonymous with the truth that the media does not want to be known. Censored content on our websites gets 50% more hits than our other content receives. The Streisand effect is alive and well.

The globalists are becoming desperate now because they know that they have lost their influence over the American people & control over the narrative. So how do we know this? Despite overwhelming negative coverage day in and day out against President Trump by every major media outlet, and censoring any negative stories about Biden in last year’s election cycle, they still had to steal the election.

Their media is becoming increasingly impotent against the American people. We know they are in trouble by their need to heavily suppress and censor anyone who questions their unsustainable narrative. They are losing this battle bigly and they know it.

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They Are Few and We Are Many

Despite the sentiment we see in our popular culture, the good news is that there are not as many of these people as we think. The globalists and their useful idiots are vastly outnumbered. The globalists own most of the communication channels in our country so their message seems to be more mainstream than it actually is. They own the media and have infiltrated key positions in government and academia that control the shaping of our culture. They have been extremely effective in the past but their spell is wearing off.

Unfortunately, though these positions of influence, they have successfully fooled millions of Americans into defending their media’s scripted false narratives and even demanding their own enslavement. They may appear to be the majority, but they’re not! They only hold the illusion of control but it is just an illusion that needs our consent to remain effective. We outnumber them and our numbers are growing while theirs are shrinking. Every time someone new wakes up to their lies, they leave their side and come to ours.

President Trump is Gone – Now What?

President Trump is only one person and we can’t give up hope just because he is out of politics. Yes, he was a very important asset in our fight against the globalists but we need to move forward without him (for now). I have a feeling he may have a few surprises for us still to come.

The truth is, there is no outside savior coming to fix our mess. We the people have been complacent for far too long. This is ultimately our own fault and we need to save ourselves. We need to clean up our own mess, otherwise, we will never learn. Freedom is something that is constantly under attack from dark forces and constantly needs to be defended.

We can look at 2020 as the horrible year that it was for most people or we can instead see it as a catalyst for meaningful change in our country (and the world). I choose to see the latter. The events of 2020 have effectively destroyed our old paradigm and given us an opportunity to create a new one. In fact, a new one is coming whether we like it or not, but we need to be actively involved in creating it.

There are some important lessons we can take from the Reddit group, Wallstreetbets & the Game Stop event that happened recently. The Reddit group simply organized behind a strategy and beat the establishment at their own game. They did it with only a few million people. We have 100+ million people! Maybe more. I’m not suggesting we start buying heavily shorted stocks, but if we organized and concentrate our considerable numbers on specific targets it would be very effective. I’m not talking about physically attacking these targets either.

Two methods that we can deploy are noncooperation (organized refusal to comply) and targeted boycotts. 100 million people refusing to comply with unconstitutional orders that are aligned against specific targets is powerful! Even if we can organize half of those numbers it will be extremely effective.

We need to opt-out of their ideas/systems/unconstitutional legislation and divest from their goods and services both with our attention and our dollars. If enough of us do so, their unsustainable illusion will collapse under its own weight. The powers that be know this, which is why they want us fighting with each other rather than uniting behind ideas that can actually benefit humanity.

We can no longer afford to sit on the sidelines because we are facing an existential threat to our freedoms (and our lives in some cases). These people are coming for our scalps. The time has come for Americans to choose a side and the choice has never been clearer. Do we want liberty or full-spectrum technocratic domination over our lives?


10 Actions We Can Take to Hasten the Globalist’s Demise

1- Disconnect from the corporate media & their propaganda. It is not an exaggeration to state that the corporate media is a weapon of mass deception and a true enemy of the people. They have most certainly poisoned the minds of our nation. Stop watching and supporting their news, entertainment, woke sports, social media platforms, apps, et al. Better yet, unsubscribe to any and all of their paid services. Our attention gives them their power and our dollars are the life-blood of these companies. Why should we give our attention and hard-earned dollars to multinational corporations who despise us?!

2 – Wake Up Your Friends, Family & Co-workers. Many people are realizing that the corporate media is not credible and looking for new information. Here is a list of alternative media and news sites that are being censored. Spread the word about this technocratic communist takeover to people in your life who are open to new information. Share this article if you like it. Don’t waste your time with CNN and Fox News zombies. Some people will never believe anything unless the corporate media tells them to.

3 – Get Off Corporate Social Media and Never Spend a Penny on Those Platforms. Instead, we must turn to alternative media options and help grow the companies that stand for freedom of speech. Freedom is not possible without freedom of speech. Here is a list of free speech platforms. 

4 – Resist this Global Reset at all costs! This new normal the globalists are proposing is not about the betterment of humanity! It’s about replacing the crumbling old paradigm with a new and more draconian one. It’s about tracking our every movement and controlling our behavior. It’s about a small amount of people having control over what we think and do. Here is a good article on how we can resist the great reset at a local level.

5- Rally around our fellow citizens who are being persecuted. This is extremely important! If they pick on one of us they pick a fight with us all! We cannot let them pick us off individually like they are doing. When our fellow citizens are being persecuted for their political or ideological beliefs we need to circle the wagons and let them know they cannot do this without repercussions from all of us. We need to show our support and rally around politicians or businesses who are standing up to the globalists too. During the lockdowns, businesses who chose to ignore the unconstitutional orders given by their state governors or mayors were left to fend for themselves. If we stick together, we become less vulnerable. Never forget, there is enormous power in our numbers! To borrow a well-known phrase, Where We Go One We Go All!

6 – We need more of us to enter politics. By nature, we are a group of doers with critical jobs that make society function. Politics and power over other people do not interest us. Nevertheless, we must be represented within our government. We need to start a new political party or primary anyone in the Republican Party who has shown to stray from the constitution. Don’t give a penny to the GOP just because they are the GOP. Politicians need to earn our support in their deeds, not their words! If the GOP falls in the process, so be it, they are part of the problem and useless to us now anyway.

7 – Get involved with your local community. Connect with local patriots, groups/officials/police/sheriffs. Being involved in the community is very important in shaping the direction of your state’s legislation and enforcement of legislation. Winning hearts and minds to the cause of freedom at a grassroots level is a very effective strategy.

8 – Shop Local and buy American made! Buy anything you can from a small business owner instead of the corporations. Small businesses are being wiped out and need our help! Stay away from big box stores and national chains. Unless they promote freedom for all Americans, don’t give them our money.

9 – Homeschool. This may be difficult for many people because the education system has essentially become the largest government-sponsored daycare/indoctrination program in the nation. It’s disguised as an institution dedicated to preparing our children for the real world but it’s anything but. Parents are busy with jobs and are unable to dedicate the time it takes in educating their children. Nevertheless, we have seen a boom in new homeschoolers since the beginning of this pandemic. If it’s possible, and until we can achieve real education reform, opt-out of this state-run indoctrination system and homeschool your children. Here is a link to the Homeschool Legal Defense Association. They are an excellent resource for homeschooling and for a small yearly donation (around $100) they will provide legal representation if it’s ever needed.

10 – They Need Our Consent, Don’t Give It! These control freak globalists are becoming desperate but never forget, they need our consent to carry out their plans. Unlike most other countries, the spirit of freedom is part of our heritage and in our DNA. American citizens are also the most heavily armed in the world. That’s why they need our consent, otherwise, they wouldn’t even ask. This is also exactly why our founding fathers were so adamant about the second amendment. It sure as shit wasn’t about hunting animals.

The Biden administration will be seeking to gut our second amendment rights. Don’t be surprised to see false flag shootings in the near future. You’ll know this when new anti-gun legislation follows shortly after the event. Don’t fall for it. We must organize and aggressively resist any attempt to take away our second amendment rights!

The Populist Uprising is Growing & Cannot Be Stopped

We are seeing populist uprisings all over the world, even if the corporate media refuses to cover it. This is not something that can be suppressed. By doing so, it will only build more energy and express itself in unpredictable ways.

Too many people have become aware of the corruption and rapacious nature of the globalist’s control structure. The globalist’s illusion is evaporating before our very eyes. Once a person is awake, (opposite of woke) they cannot go back to sleep.

Conservatives are independent by nature that we have difficulty organizing or joining groups. However, President Trump showed it can be done very successfully. This needs to be a decentralized effort based on ideas. We must fully realize the sheer power in our numbers autonomously. Groups are usually co-opted once they reach critical mass. We need to find a way to channel our energy into productive and positive action.

Resist this false paradigm being forced on us! Don’t give your time, energy, attention, and hard-earned money towards any product, service, or idea that is not aligned with our individual freedom, or at least not against it. Divestment and non-cooperation are very effective when done in large numbers. It can be enough to bring the control structure to its knees.