Evidence Of Widespread Voter Fraud The Media Is Telling You Doesn’t Exist


The Corporate Media

The corporate media is telling us there is no evidence of voter fraud and Trump supporters need to accept the loss and move on. This message is not a new one. In fact, the media has been cultivating this narrative for many months leading up to the election. This narrative was created by design and meant to discredit anyone who contested a stolen election. The media has become political activists disguised as journalists who are all in on the fix. It’s clear to anyone paying attention that the corporate media are one and the same with the Democrat Party or establishment, take your pick.

The corporate-owned media machine is an integral part of this ongoing coup de’ tat against the president, so don’t expect to get any credible information about voter fraud from them. The media has gaslighted an entire nation for years and colluded to spread false information about President Trump since before he was even sworn in. The media have gotten many people to believe that President Trump is Adolph Hitler reincarnated on false information.

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President Trump’s unwillingness to bend the knee to the media (and hit back) has only made them hate him even more. The media and their globalist masters have wanted Trump out of office since day one.

Leading Up to the 2020 Election

President Trump has been drawing record crowds to his rallies and large clusters of grassroots support were popping up all over America. Even in many Democratic strongholds like Beverly Hills. The media used false poll results to try and diminish his popularity and did everything they could to demonize Trump’s every move.

Joe Biden on the other hand was exposed to have been intricately involved with corrupt dealings all over the world in which he and his family were running a highly profitable influence-peddling scheme. The media completely blacked out the story or called it Russian disinformation. Biden rallies were anemic, to say the least, and were mostly filled with media members.

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Growing Evidence

In the video above, Sean from SGT Report and his guest, Jeffrey Peterson discuss the many forms of fraud we are witnessing. Peterson, a former Democrat tells us this is a classic Mexican PRI operation being used in America.

The truth is, we have plenty of circumstantial evidence as well as credible testimonials (and both are growing every day) about the blatant fraud taking place, and we have not even begun any investigations yet. I can assure you, once this goes before the courts we will find much more evidence of this grand deception taking place.

Just in the first few days, there are reports of millions of ghost voters, dead voters, software “malfunctions” that only give votes to Biden, and hundreds of thousands of ballots appearing in the middle of the night that just so happen to be 100% for Joe Biden.

Yes, you heard that right, not one of the “newly discovered” ballots were cast for ANY candidate other than Biden in just about every case. This is statistically and mathematically impossible!

Voter fraud is nothing new but it has never been as obvious as it was during this election cycle. This is not just one or two incidents either, but a widespread coordinated effort to steal this election. Especially in swing states where every single vote makes a difference. New evidence of vote fraud is being discovered every day.

We basically have a whole website full of all the fraud taking place. The Gateway Pundit has been working tirelessly to chronicle the voter fraud story too. We used many of their links in this article. The same goes for Sean at SGT Report. They are an invaluable resource during this hijacking of our democracy.

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Why did all of the democratically controlled swing states stop counting votes on the election night? Some election officials in PA decided to take the day off for “administrative work” while tens of thousands of ballots were still uncounted. North Carolina had 100% of the precinct report but still refused to call for Trump. They later stated that they only counted 94%

There are many other irregularities and statistical anomalies that need to be investigated. In some swing states that put Biden over the top, voter turnout was an astounding 90%. This is the same Joe Biden who couldn’t even attract enough people to his rallies to fill a high school gymnasium.

Why are the Democrats poll workers blocking officials from verifying votes? Why does President Trump’s legal team need to get a court order just to verify the ballots, and why are they still being denied access even with a court order? What are these people trying to hide?

Michigan Democrats covering windows of the counting area

Why are election officials covering the windows of the counting areas and why are poll workers filling out ballots? Leaked training audio from Detroit came out recently that taught people how to omit ballots. Is it real? This will need to be investigated too. The total lack of transparency throughout this process is very telling.

There are many questions that need to be answered before we can move forward as a nation. Those of us that have been watching the Democrat establishment (and many Republicans) and their media do this to Trump for years are quite aware of what is happening here but this is dangerous no matter what party you support. Everyone should be extremely concerned with the blatant and illegal unconstitutional power grab we are witnessing!

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President Trump Will Prevail

As usual, the perpetrators behind this fraud are underestimating Donald Trump again. President Trump is not Bernie Sanders and will not lay down as Sanders did/does to the Democrat Party or their faithful media. President Trump is a fighter and will fight this until the end, and he will win because he has the truth on his side. The only way President Trump will concede is if it can be proven he legitimately lost the election.

The American people will not stand for this either. This election is too important. We will never unite as a people until this is sorted out. Unfortunately, one of the main goals of this fraud is to keep us fighting with each other to distract us from the real threats we ALL face.

Christina Bobb from OAN gives a brief overview of just some of the issues that we are seeing in the 2020 election.