George Floyd; The Liberal Agenda, Mysterious Bricks, Antifa, George Soros & The Big Picture

There is overwhelming evidence that the George Floyd protests were hijacked in an attempt to create a race war among Americans


An Innocent Life

The senseless killing of George Floyd last week was an absolute travesty. This was not in dispute by anyone. As we later learned, George Floyd was not some violent criminal who assaulted a police officer, (and even that wouldn’t justify the actions of the police). He cooperated with the police and was handcuffed laying flat on his stomach. He was clearly not a threat to anyone. His offense: simply using a counterfeit $20 bill to buy cigarettes. We don’t even know if he knew the bill was counterfeit.

The nation watched a clear and concise video that showed the cruelty of the police officer as he kneeled on Mr. Floyd’s neck for almost 10 minutes while Mr. Floyd was pleading for air. In the last few minutes of the video, we saw George Floyd die and his body go lifeless. It was a truly horrific scene and touched all of our hearts, no matter what race, religion, gender, or political leaning you were.

Minnesota had the whole nation’s attention at the beginning of this event and there was a moment where everyone could get together behind this national tragedy and create meaningful reform to combat police brutality in the name of George Floyd. The amount of collective energy that this moment created was powerful and could have been focused on a positive outcome that would have saved many more innocent people like Mr. Floyd. But that moment was stolen from us and then exploited for another agenda. Now everyone is talking about the riots.

An Important Moment Was Stolen From Us

What started as an organic protest quickly turned into rioting and looting. At first, some of the lootings were done by the protesters but the whole movement was then infiltrated by other interests that couldn’t care less about the loss of George Floyd or our country for that matter. These outside forces’ goal is to create chaos and divide our nation. We watched as white, far left Antifa like groups destroyed everything they came in contact with. They beat up innocent people, burnt down police stations, and even churches. They destroyed private businesses and did damage to communities that will take years to recover from.

What’s even worse is they stole an extremely important moment and the possible lessons from this event from the American people and turned it into a national race war meant to divide America. We were all united in finding justice for George Floyd and then some, but then the waters were muddied and the narrative hijacked. Most of the people arrested were from out of state and were there to just wreak havoc. This was coordinated by someone and many politicians and the corporate media were complicit in this psyop, knowingly, or unknowingly.

Protesters vs Rioters

I want to make clear that there is a big difference between legitimate protesters and bussed in or paid rioters. Our First Amendment allows us the right for peaceful assembly, and it’s essential we do not lose sight of this – and equally important, we don’t give it up over a bunch of thugs. I also do not want to diminish the presence of the people who were actually protesting the killing of George Floyd. This protest started as an organic and genuine public outcry. This article is not about legitimate protesters. When I use the term staged, I’m talking about the paid and inorganic elements of this event, in which there is overwhelming evidence.

Citizen, Protesters and Rioters

During the week as the riots gained momentum, we watched the corporate media do what they do best, and that is fan the flames of racial division. The media continually called the destructive rioters protesters and some in the media even praised the rioters and compared them to American Revolutionaries. Governers had their police forces stand down and essentially let a small portion of this protest group destroy an untolled amount of property and hurt their citizens. It got so bad that the citizens themselves formed groups to confront the rioters. If we look back a few weeks earlier the media and politicians were condemning the lockdown protesters from the Covid-19 virus who just wanted to get back to work so they could support their families.

Our politicians are fine with standing down to dangerous rioters, yet, a few weeks earlier the police were arresting mothers at parks, surfers in the ocean, and at beaches for not social distancing. Hairstylists and gym owners were arrested for trying to save their business and livelihood. If you have never started or owned a business, you cant appreciate the sacrifice it takes to make it successful. The message they sent: if you riot and destroy property that’s okay but people who don’t social distance and want to get back to work are selfish. In the video above, independent journalist Tim Pool chronicles the failure of these states’ lockdown plans and the arrests on regular citizens just trying to reclaim their livelihoods.

What is Going on With Our Governors?

One of the main duties of the government is to maintain a safe environment for its citizens. This is partly the reason we pay our taxes. Governor Cuomo of New York and many other governors released thousands of criminals from jail in the months leading up to the riots while persecuting law-abiding citizens for simply trying to regain their freedom. Governor Gavin Newsome of California wants to shut down prisons due to a budget deficit. This is a common tactic used by politicians to get more money from their people. They threaten to cut essential services. It seems these governors have more compassion for inmates than their own constituents. Why did these governors keep lockdown orders in place for so long? Was it on purpose to hurt the economy and then demand bailout money to cover up their own mismanagement and deficits accrued in the previous years? Or is this part of a plan to usher in mail-in voting?

Americans were told that they were being selfish and they needed to “self-isolate’ for the collective good for a virus that had an over 98% recovery rate for people under 60 years old. Cuomo tells us that we cannot get back to normal without a mass vaccination program. He even went so far as to offer up New Yorkers (without their consent) to be used as guinea pigs for the new fast-tracked vaccine. Why would we ever need mass vaccinations for a virus with an over 98% recovery rate? When responding to lockdown protesters who were desperate to open the economy, Governors Cuomo arrogantly told his constituents to get a job as an essential worker. Is that at Walmart or McDonald’s Governor? What an ignorant statement!

During the height of the pandemic, Governor Cuomo was behind the order to transfer COVID patients into nursing homes where they did the most possible damage. This decision was disastrous and was responsible for some of the highest death rates in the state. Many people call Cuomo a hero for the way he handled this crisis but he is not. Governor Cuomo got it wrong on every decision he made and continues to miscalculate. Despite what his brother and the people at CNN want you to believe, Cuomo is no hero, he is a typical far-left politician whose policies continue to hurt his citizens. It’s become painfully obvious that he was not interested in helping law-abiding New Yorkers.

Now Cuomo is doubling down and wants to reimagine the education system with the man who brought us the failed Common Core education program, Bill Gates. Judging from Cuomo’s new education program aspirations and his mass vaccination stance, he seems to have more allegiance to Bill Gates and big pharma than he does with his own constituents. But many New Yorkers already knew that.

What kind of world are we living in where the government put it’s own citizens on house arrest while releasing prisoners? A government that punishes people for trying to open their business and reclaim their livelihood while making excuses for thugs who are destroying businesses for reasons that have nothing to do with George Floyd? The truth is, these politicians are showing America their true colors. It just took a crisis for most Americans to see it.

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Democrat Policies Have Hurt The Black Community

Ever notice how the hypocritical left project their own failings on the American people to justify the continued erosion of our freedoms? Liberal politicians have damaged their state economies by extending the lockdown well after they knew the low mortality rates of the Covid-19 virus. Democrat policies turned inner cities into the dead-end economic traps that they are today. They continue to make empty promises to their communities that only lead their citizens further down the road to serfdom and dependency. This is by design.

Former President Bill Clintons 1994 crime bill did more to hurt the black community than all of the police brutality cases combined. Clinton openly admits this, but we never hear about that from the corporate media. Modern police brutality started under Former President Clinton when he gave the nation’s police force the ability to use similar weapons that the military is allowed to use.

The point is that the Democrat Party claims to be for the people when they are anything but. They are the authoritarian establishment party that has exploited and hobbled black communities for many years. I don’t give the Republicans a pass either. They sold out their constituents to the globalist too. Thankfully, the wildly irresponsible left-wing factions of the US government have been less successful in disarming the population. Now the streets are burning, and the second amendment makes a whole lot more sense. We have to ask ourselves if these riots are organic, or are there larger forces in play?

Staged Riots & Antifa

Independent Journalist Tim Pool is very familiar with Antifa and has also closely covered the efforts that hijacked the George Floyd protests-riots. This is why there are several of his videos in this article. In the video above, Pool shows all of the latest evidence that supports the fact that these riots were in fact coordinated and part of a larger plan. We see pallets of bricks but no construction site. We hear of supply stations with water set up to help the rioters and many other signs that this was planned.

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Agent Provocateurs

In the video above we see a white man who will not interact with any of the protesters methodically breaking windows at an Autozone store with a hammer. When he sees he is being filmed he quickly walks away. One of the protesters starts to follow him and asks him if he is a cop. It’s very suspicious. Then a picture came up online showing a police officer named Jacob Pederson next to the picture of the Umbrella man. While not conclusive, the eyes seem very similar. See the image below.

Police officer Jacob Pederson next to “Umbrella Man”

The Mysterious Bricks and Stones

An obvious question that is on many people’s minds is: is George Soros involved? We can’t know for sure but given Soros’ history of funding radical groups, like Antifa, we can be pretty sure he is just fine with the direction that the riots that he may be supporting are going. What is certain is that someone, a person or group, is working to help these rioters as they run rampant in some of the largest cities in the USA.

Pallets of bricks and supply stations have been discovered, presumably left for the rioters while they try to destroy anything resembling a civil society. Where did all these bricks come from? In every case, there was no construction happening nearby. This is not an isolated incident in one place but found in many cities. Pallets of bricks and rocks were found all over the country and placed in strategic locations where the flashpoints erupted. Here is a video that shows 5 crates of large rocks at a bus stop on Ventura Boulevard. Who is placing all these bricks and rocks all over the country?

I saw some information that the Acme Brick company owned by Berkshire Hathaway and George Soros was responsible for leaving the bricks but there is no conclusive evidence for that rumor. We need to review the cameras and run license plates at these locations and see who put them there.

Source – SGT Report


How did all these riots spring up so fast and so widespread? I’m sure the corporate media helped this grow but these riots are not organic. They appear to be a sponsored event or a rent-a- revolution. Did you know you can hire protesters to make it appear that there is support or outrage for a specific cause when there isn’t? It’s called Astroturfing, and it is used more often than you think. There are even websites where you can hire fake demonstrators.

George Soros donates millions of dollars to scores of radical groups that make it possible for them to fund their own manufactured color revolution. When we look at Soros’ sordid history and how he sold out his own people to the Nazis, we get a better idea of his true nature. Do we really believe that Soros, former hedge fund manager, and currency manipulator is funding Black Lives Matter because he cares about black people?

Here is a former BLM member who got wise to the Soros sponsored farce and is trying to wake up more people. Soros is funding these groups to create division and sow discord in America. This is a man who bankrupts countries for his own personal gain. Did you know that George Soros is banned in 6 different countries? Soros is a true enemy of America and should be treated as such.


The Fight For America

The political structure in our nation is hyperpartisan, tenuous, and ripe for exploitation, and globalists like George Soros (who is an open adversary of President Trump) are at the heart of the plan to manipulate our system for their own agenda. Hillary Clinton is closely tied to Soros as well. President Trump has come out publicly against globalism and stands in the way of people like George Soros. The US and its military have enormous influence over global policy. There is a fight happening for who will control it in 2021. We are in the middle of civil war within our government and the stakes couldn’t be higher. What’s left of our freedom hangs in the balance.


The Never-Ending Coup Against Our President

Whether you like President Trump or not, over 60 million Americans voted for him in a legitimate election. In my opinion, (and I have no evidence – yet) this is just the latest attempt by the globalists to hurt President Trump. These people have deployed a scorched earth strategy and don’t care if they destroy America in the process. I am not alone in this line of thinking either, just go on social media and you’ll see this is a growing belief amongst many Americans. The permanent bureaucracy or deep state has been trying to destroy President Trump since before he was even in office and continue to do so.

Is the Violence Unleashed in American Cities a Continuation of the Coup Against President Trump? Harvey Schlanger of LaRouche Pac questions if this is just the continuation of the coup against President Trump

Nationalism vs Globalism

President Trump is a threat to the establishment, which is why the far left exploit every crisis and will even create a crisis to hurt his chances of re-election. They can’t beat him fairly so they attack him relentlessly in the hope of eroding his base. President Trump is a nationalist who is directly opposed to the globalist agenda. The radical left in our country is becoming so desperate, and their tactics so obvious that they are waking up the American people by the millions.

This year has had so many profound red-pill moments, and each one is exposing the globalist’s anti-American agenda. These constant attacks on President Trump are an attack on hard-working freedom-loving Americans. The President is just our proxy. The far left would rather stand up for a radical and destructive group like Antifa and release criminals from prison, than support hard-working American citizens just trying to get their lives back from a so-called pandemic that was wildly overhyped. Isn’t it obvious who is on the people’s side by now?

Antifa Designated as a Terrorist Group

In the video above made by Steven Crowder, they go undercover to show the truth about Antifa and how the media covers for them. First off, I hate when the government uses the term terrorist because it is so vague and open-ended. I remember when the people who follow Ron Paul were labeled domestic terrorists by some in our government, and it bothered me. It’s a label that can be applied to any group that disagrees with government policy, which makes it easy to weaponize.

I’m not against protests either. The right to peaceful assembly is what makes America so special, but that’s not what’s happening here. With that said, I can’t think of a better group for the full force of the government to go after. Antifa doesn’t stand for anything but violence and suppression of free speech. They are essentially a rent a mob. They are a group of thugs and cowards that gang up on people for voicing their opinion while hiding behind masks. Their goal is to intimidate people and destroy anything they can. They are only at these events to cause chaos. What they did at these protests only hurt urban communities, not helped them. Now that they are in President Trump’s crosshairs, I have a strong feeling that Antifa (and the people who fund them) days are numbered.


The Endgame – Divide & Conquer

The end game is to destabilize our society and create division amongst Americans. The corporate media and liberal establishment have done everything in their power to try to turn Americans against each other and President Trump so he will lose in November. These globalists ultimately want the total takeover of our nation and install a global government. They want a “New Normal” where they can control and track every move we make, force mass vaccinations on the population, while our last remaining rights are stripped from us under the guise of our ‘own good’. You just saw how the globalists and their puppet media can shut down the world economy. Now you are seeing the second act – a planned breakdown of the social order, and an attempted progressive takeover of the federal government. Please, don’t fall for all these psychological operations being perpetrated on us. It’s a trap. The choice has never been more clear on who we need to support this election.