COVID-19: Psychologists, Scientists and The CIA Tell Us Fear is The Real Killer

There are two different worlds of fear right now: those who fear the virus and those who fear the future control of mankind being propelled under the guise of the virus. Sometimes, when you are in the thick of it, it’s hard to discern what is truth. Keeping everyone in a perpetual state of fear is how they divide and conquer – but it goes much deeper and is far more sinister than that.


There are two different worlds of fear right now: those who fear the virus and those who fear the future control of mankind being propelled under the guise of the virus. Through this, they have created a division – those who want others to fear the virus as much as them and become recluses, and those who want those who fear the virus to wake up from the spell they have been put under so they can stand and fight against their freedoms being stripped away by the day. Sometimes, when you are in the thick of it, it’s hard to discern what is truth. Keeping everyone in a perpetual state of fear is how they divide and conquer – but it goes much deeper and is far more sinister than that.

Fear defeats more people than any other one thing in the world. – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Part 5 is the most important part of this extensive report, and includes information and data that may stun you, and may very well confirm what you have suspected, or provide the missing pieces you needed to see with clarity. It encompasses the following sections:

  • Some Basic Facts About the Virus
  • Capitalizing on Fear
  • Psychologists Explain How Fear Plays A Big Role in Epidemics and Pandemics
  • Biology of Fear’s Effect on The Brain and Health
  • Fear Cancels the Placebo Effect: Why This Matters
  • CIA Documents on Brainwashing and “Learned Helplessness”
  • Expert in Deception, Psychological Operations & National Security Speaks to Cadets at West Point
  • The Road Ahead

We judge risk by our feelings more than looking at data and statistics and evidence – Paul Slovic, PhD

Part one of this 5-part report went over hospitalization data, showing that the 2017-2018 flu season had 810,000 hospitalizations, far exceeding Covid. For years the media has exclaimed that “hospitals are at capacity,” but no one paid much attention until now. Part two broke down the CDC’s data on how they have been combining pneumonia, influenza, and covid deaths as “PIC” to paint a larger number of Covid deaths. Part three covered the nursing homes which make up 38% of the reported Covid deaths. Part four explained how Dr. Deborah Birx and state health officials have stated that they are counting anyone who tests positive for Covid as a Covid death even though they have died from another cause. It also explained the PCR tests, how 90% of Covid-positives are asymptomatic with only a 0.7% household spread rate.

Think about it. If you change the past, you change human behavior. To change human motivation, we don’t have to persuade people, you can just change their memory. – Dr. Charles Morgan, Psychological and National Security Expert

Some Basic Facts About This Virus

It’s easier to fool people than to convince them they have been fooled. – Mark Twain

  • Legacy news immediately brought on Dr. Anthony Fauci, Bill Gates, and former CDC Director Thomas Frieden to tell everyone that models show 1-2 million people will die in the U.S., and they need a lot of money to prepare for this, only later to admit the models were wrong.
  • On January 3, 2021, the CDC released its year-end final week count of all-cause deaths, adding a staggering 269,259. This is unheard of for one week, or even two weeks, and it reveals how the CDC has been shifting other causes of death into the Covid category, as Corey’s Digs previously reportedon.
  • No country has ever received a specimen of the actual virus to isolate and purify, and China allegedly destroyed it. They only received a genome sequence that was uploaded to the internet, from China.
  • After a year of scientists, doctors, lab workers, Corey’s Digs, and other alternative news sources reporting that PCR tests are producing false positive results, and even Dr. Anthony Fauci said that a cycle threshold over 36 will result in false positive tests, the World Health Organization came out on the day of Joe Biden’s inauguration to validate this, resulting in a sweeping decline in cases.
  • Despite Bill Gates, Dr. Fauci, the CDC, WHO, and countless others consistently reassuring the public that everything will get back to normal once we have a vaccine, they are now claiming it’s not in fact a “vaccine,” will not prevent someone from getting Covid, will merely treat the symptoms, and therefore everyone needs to remain social distancing and wearing masks.
  • People observed viral videos of individuals in China allegedly dropping to their death in the streets, and within weeks, nearly the entire globe was allegedly taken over by this virus, yet no one dropped dead in the streets in any other country. Fear porn?
  • They originally claimed it hit the U.S. in January, then later claimed it could have been here as early as November. Some believe it’s been here for years.
  • Ground zero was at a nursing home in Washington State, just 5 minutes from Bill Gates home. The new “ground zero” became New York City, where Governor Cuomo made it a point to show video of men allegedly digging up graves on an island to bury all of the bodies, in a terrifying display. He also made it a point to show freezer trucks next to hospitals. Despite the elderly being the most prone to any virus, Cuomo later sent thousands of Covid patients to nursing homes while locking down the entire state. An investigation revealed that Cuomo’s staff produced numbers at 50% less than the actual nursing home deaths.

Capitalizing on Fear


Unthinking respect for authority is the greatest enemy of truth. – Albert Einstein

Over 970 million people worldwide have a mental or substance use disorder. The largest number of people have an anxiety disorder, accounting for 4% of the population, making anxiety and depression the most common mental health disorder in the world.

  • Anxiety disorders are the most common mental illness in the U.S., affecting 40 million adults in the United States age 18 and older, or 18.1% of the population every year. Anxiety disorders are highly treatable, yet only 36.9% of those suffering receive treatment.
  • Anxiety disorders create symptoms that include panic and fear, increased heart rate, rapid breathing, difficulty sleeping, nausea, and dizziness, all of which mimic and can exacerbate Covid symptoms.
  • PTSD affects approximately 3.5%of U.S. adults every year, and an estimated one in 11 people will be diagnosed with PTSD in their lifetime.
  • A 2019 survey shows that in the U.S., adults were most anxious about keeping themselves and their families safe, being able to pay bills, and their health.
  • For those who do not suffer anxiety disorders, excessive worrying alone can cause the following health issues: dizziness, fast heartbeat, headaches, muscle aches, nausea, rapid breathing, shortness of breath, suppression of the immune system, premature coronary artery disease, heart attack, and more.
  • The White House task force on Covid-19 informed the American people to stay home if they had symptoms, until it was severe enough to go to a hospital, at which point they were putting people on ventilators rather than treating them with medications proven to work in early stages. Dr. Anthony Fauci was aware of this back in 2005, as Director of NIAID.

There are over 40 million Americans suffering from anxiety and phobias. Imagine how easy it was to trigger them with misinformation, propaganda visuals, and fear tactics? When you see people allegedly drop dead in the streets, graves being dug up, freezer trucks parked next to hospitals with alleged dead bodies in them, the media telling you 1-2 million Americans will die, toilet paper and groceries flying off the shelves, and how everyone must lock down, close up their business, mask up, and sterilize everything, that tends to trigger people, even those without anxiety disorders.

Fear is a powerful force. If a person becomes overridden with fear, they become incapable of thinking logically and analyzing information and only react from emotion. As time goes on, the majority of their time is spent in preparation, obsessive worrying, listening to the media to tell them what next steps to take, and common sense never truly kicks in because their brain chemistry is no longer serving them. They have been behaviorally conditioned. The hyperbole was powerful, and it took hold in millions of people.

study on “death anxiety in the time of COVID-19” published in June 2020, reveals that fear of death drives much of human behavior, is likely at the core of numerous mental illness disorders, and reminders of death exacerbate these illnesses causing social withdrawal, depression, and worse. Throughout this study, it points to several other studies. “One study investigated the effect of mortality salience on compulsive handwashing, utilizing a large sample of treatment-seeking individuals diagnosed with OCD. Participants were first primed with either death or a control topic. Following a short delay to allow the effects of the prime to become unconscious, they were asked to wash their hands. The findings revealed that reminders of death doubled the time spent handwashing.”

Dr. Deborah Birx and Dr. Athony Fauci’s voices will forever ring through the ears of Americans, with a resounding “wash your hands” as they give a nod to reverse psychology.

Psychologists Explain How Fear Plays A Big Role in Epidemics and Pandemics

We judge risk by our feelings more than by looking at data and statistics and evidence. – Paul Slovic, PhD

For over four decadesPaul Slovic, PhD, professor at the University of Oregon and president of Decision Research, a nonprofit whose scientists study human judgment and decision making, has been working with other psychologists to study what causes people to overreact to epidemics while being less attentive to threats that are far more likely to harm them, such as the flu.

Research has shown that threats such as Ebola or avian flu raised anxiety levels higher than more familiar threats. Despite only 10 people in the US contracting Ebola in 2014, it created a mass panic across the country due to excessive media reports effects on those with mental health issues. Whereas most people are not afraid of the flu because they’ve contracted it and survived, even though thousands die from the flu every year. But it’s not just the “unknown” that creates more fear, it’s those delivering the message. Hyperbolic media coverage can exacerbate the situation.

“American media have the propensity to find — and publicize — aberrant behavior, helping to perpetuate a myth that people tend to respond to a crisis with panic. Disaster researchers know that brave behavior is the norm.” Carnegie Mellon University psychologist Baruch Fischhoff, PhD stated. He chaired the Food and Drug Administration’s Risk Advisory Committee and the Environmental Protection Agency’s Homeland Security Advisory Committee.

When studying people’s willingness to get vaccinated after the scandalous 2009 H1N1 influenza pandemic, they found that perception of personal risk was the most influential factor, followed by social pressure and past behavior.

“As psychological research has shown for decades, our sense of risk is driven by our emotions,” says Slovic. “We judge risk by our feelings more than by looking at data and statistics and evidence.”

According to a 2020 study published in the Lancet, quarantine and isolation produce negative psychological effects including post-traumatic stress symptoms, confusion, and anger.

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