5 Keys to Motivating the Crowd


Strategies to Motivate Others

Crowdsourcing is a powerful way to get supporters and motivate particular potential backers. Each year, the number of crowd funded projects and those investing in them doubles. Here, we will help you to better understand the motivation behind crowdsourcing. We will look at how you can tie motivation into your online pitches. Lastly, we will talk about the various ways that you can truly appeal to your audience. We highly recommend that you read this article before you put together your next crowdsourcing project.

Understanding Crowdsourcing

The first step in finding your audience is learning to talk and interact with your potential audience. Then, it is time to ask them to give. Why do people turn to crowdsourcing and work on such projects? Mostly because they lack some sort of fulfillment in their daily lives or jobs. Remember that no one works for a simple wage. Instead, they are looking for fulfillment. Everyone want a job where they fill appreciated. They want to work with colleagues they love and get a great wage. Having fun with others and at your jobs is also extremely important.

Motivation Breakdown

You can break down the main motivation of your online pitches in the same way. Use the categories of pride, fun, money, relationships, and impact. Think about how your business or project relates to each of these categories. Then, think about how your target audience may relate to these categories. Be sure to build these ideas into your online pitches. You will also want to think about them when designing your webpages and what you post on social media. If it helps, make a graphic to better understand which of these you should focus on and what is most important. We recommend a pie chart.

Give Them What They Want

Once you have figured these things out, give your audience what they want. If they are in it for pride, show them how investing in your product makes them important. If they are into fun think about turning your investment and project into a game. For those wanting to make impact, do a short video telling others about your vision and why it’s important. If you want to foster relationships, do so by using social media and having real-life events with users. Be cautious in using money as motivation. If you do, focus on keeping your business afloat.