A Beginners Guide to QAnon – Where We Go One We Go All – #WWG1WGA


What Is The QAnon Movement?

In the last several years, a new phenomenon has exploded on the internet called QAnon. The story behind this relatively new movement is as follows: Patriots in the highest positions of the US military (white-hats-good guys) recruited Donald Trump (years before he was president) to help carry out a larger plan to take back America from the “deep state.” The Q, in QAnon, stands for Q level security clearance in government intelligence. Q describes themselves as the biggest military intelligence drop to a civilian population in our history.

The idea behind the Q operation is to encourage people to research, Q level intel drops or Q drops, that are posted on anonymous message boards like 4chan, 8chan and now 8kun. These intel drops are designed to circumvent the corporate propaganda about a particular subject that Q wants people to focus on. We don’t know if Q is one person or a team of people. Most of the Q followers suspect that Q is a team comprised of military intelligence.

Some of the aspects of this movement that attract people to it are that Q is continually telling people to ask questions and to think for themselves. The drops are often just questions meant to guide people through the political landscape and promote further research on particular topics. Q also promotes unity amongst the American people, which is in direct odds with the wishes of the establishment/ruling class.


General Flynn & The Digital Q Army

Since Q first started posting back in October of 2017, until the present day, the movement has grown exponentially and gained a lot of attention. There is a digital army of Anons investigating the Q drops called “Autists.” The autists are not just researching Q drops, but they provide and exchange information valuable to the whole group.

These anons are using the power of crowdsourcing to solve complex riddles. Perhaps this is the digital army General Flynn referred to in his now-famous quote (seen above). It’s worth noting that General Flynn and his family recently took the QAnon oath on the 4th of July and finished with the WWG1WGA phrase. This very public display by General Flynn was a significant development in the Q movement and added enormous credibility to the whole idea of QAnon. This was an important confirmation for many Q followers that already suspected General Flynn’s involvement.

QAnon Drop From 2018

Q Drops

The Q drops are usually cryptic in nature and can be quite ambiguous, which leaves the drops open to interpretation (and sometimes wild speculation). Almost all of the drops are coded to some degree. Some autists have made a list of codes used to decipher the drops to help people understand them. Here is an article we published a few months ago with a more extensive list of codes (at the end).

Q has predicted many events in their drops but has been off on many predictions too. Q openly states misinformation is intentionally used to confuse the black hats who are monitoring the boards for clues as well. Many critics of the Q movement point to this disinformation clause as an easy out Q followers use to keep the narrative running even when some of the drops are not accurate.

President Trumps, calm before the storm comment – NBC News

The Calm Before The Storm

A few weeks before QAnon first started posting drops in 2017; President Trump made some cryptic comments while at the Whitehouse with his top military officials. As the reporters were taking pictures of the president, the first lady, and his top military brass, Trump said, “maybe this is the calm before the storm.” The press went wild and asked many follow up questions to clarify what he meant. President Trump said, “you’ ll find out.”

The reason this is significant is that QAnon drops contain the same phrases. Autists and Q followers alike use the hashtag #WWG1WGA, or they’ll mention “The Calm Before The Storm.” The calm before the storm, and where we go one we go all, are phrases that originated from the film, White Squall. Q references this film, and these phrases are used as a metaphor for what’s about to take place in American politics. I think it’s safe to say we are in the storm now.

Is President Trump Q+ by Spaceshot76

Is President Trump Q+?

From time to time, Q drops will be authored/published by Q+. There is speculation that Q+ is actually President Trump. While this has never been confirmed, there are many subtle hints that the president does as a wink and a nod to acknowledge the Q community. He will point at a Q sign at his rally’s or make the Q sign in the air with his index finger.

President Trump has also re-tweeted well known QAnon followers on Twitter. So did his son, Eric. Although there are many little clues, nobody really knows for sure if President Trump is Q+ or even involved at all. I’m sure if President Trump were involved, he would need a certain level of plausible deniability just to keep his political opponents and the press from trying to use it against him.

One Q follower was invited to meet with the president and take a picture with him. He was later mailed the picture he took with the president and on the envelope, the picture came in, there was a + sign outlined with three parentheses (((+))). The anon said he asked the president if Q was real. He stated that President Trump looked him in the eye, paused, and said, “I don’t know but I heard they are good people.” What makes this encounter with the president so important is that it was preceded by a Q drop stating this will be the signifier, which also used three parentheses.

SpaceShot76 made a 5-minute video (embedded above) explaining the significance of this meeting. This is just one of many communications by Q and Trump that appear to be synchronized.

JFK Gravesite

President Kennedy

President Kennedy is linked throughout the Q narrative although through tenous and speculative information. The phrase where we go one we go all is from the film, White Squall, but there is another attribution for this phrase Q followers often point to. Some Q followers claim that President John F Kennedy had a bell on his yacht with the same phrase. I could not find conclusive evidence to support that claim.

JFK, however, was the first president in modern history to openly challenge the deep state. He gave his famous speech about secret societies infiltrating our government. He vowed to destroy the Central Intelligence Agency. A few months before his death, JFK issued silver certificates from the US Treasury (executive order 11110), which was a direct threat to the central banking model. Challenging the central banking model is a real no no, when it comes to policy changes in government that will get you killed.

Many believe these are the real actions responsible for President Kennedy’s assassination.

There is a connection between President Trump and President Kennedy. President Trump was very good friends with President Kennedy’s son, John F Kennedy Jr. JFK Jr. vowed to get justice for his family by exposing the people (deep state) who killed his father and was said to be working on an expose before he was killed in a plane crash in 1999. If you look at JFK’s gravesite in Washington from overhead, it looks like a big Q (seen above). There are many other clues in the Q movement that are tied to JFK as well as his son JFK jr.

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What Does Q Want?

Q openly states that they need the American public to become more aware of the atrocities taking place (and who is actually behind them) before the larger part of their plan can be fully realized. One of the main goals of Qanon is to encourage people to research particular drops to discover the deeper agenda being covered up by the media.

Q had stated that more people would need to be made aware of the heinous nature of the crimes to support mass arrests of high profile figures when the time was right. Q claims to have control over the National Intelligence Agency (NSA) and all communications around the world. As Q says, “we have it all.” Q states that these communications will be used in a court of law when the trials begin.

The mass arrests Q references seem to be centered around crimes against humanity and more specifically, child trafficking and pedophilia. As we have seen in the last several years, pedophilia and child trafficking is a real problem that goes way beyond people like Jeffrey Epstein. The QAnon Research Channel posted a video that chronicles this widespread problem we see happening in the world today.

Many Q followers are frustrated that the mass arrests have not happened yet, but is the public ready? Sure, Q followers are ready, but much of the public is still asleep. It also appears that the Q team is operating within the rule of the law, and that can be slow. Q wants people to think for themselves and does not present themselves as our savior either, which is a good thing. The American people will need to play a crucial role in taking back our country. But they can’t take part in something they are not aware of. More about this later.

Is Q Real?

At this point, there can be no doubt that Qanon is real. The more important question we should be asking is Q a benevolent force created to free humanity as they claim. More on that later. There is a lot of circumstantial evidence showing that this operation is real. There is even a website dedicated to Q Proofs. The video above is titled, Ultimate Q Proofs and was made by Conspiracy No More. In my opinion, this is one of the best videos showing all the proofs. Some of the proofs in the video are questionable but there are many other proofs laid out that are very compelling.

There is convincing evidence in these proofs showing that not only is Q real, but President Trump is intricately involved in this military operation. As an example, several years ago, one of the anons asked Q to ask President Trump to publicly repeat the words “tippy top.” During the following Easter speech at the White House, President Trump did indeed publicly say the words tippy top. Soon after, Q confirmed the request was fulfilled. Here is a blog post that goes into more detail about the exchange. The drop is pictured below. This may be a coincidence, but the coincidences are starting to pile up now, making them difficult to ignore and chalk up to chance.


The Establishment vs The “QAnon Conspiracy”

One of the best indications that Q may be a benevolent force for humanity is the corporate media’s all-out assault on the QAnon movement. The corporate media truly is the enemy of the people, and when they attack someone or something, it is usually not for the reasons they are telling us. When we see the media spend so much time, effort, and ink towards discrediting something like QAnon, (unsuccessfully) it only further legitimizes the movement.

First, the media ignored QAnon, but then they got too big to ignore. Then the media called Q a LARP (live-action role-playing game). They wrote hundreds of hit-piece articles about Q and laughed at anyone who could believe such a “conspiracy theory”. In fact, the politically weaponized words, conspiracy theory is almost always used to describe Q, with very few exceptions.

These are well known and common tactics used by the media to shame people for even asking questions about a particular topic. And when the media’s attacks are coordinated and broad sweeping, there is always more to the story than they are telling us. Now they are outright censoring Q accounts. I guess Q is not a joke anymore, otherwise, why censor them?


Q Censorship

When the establishment media starts censoring free speech, it is usually the first indication that they are losing control of the narrative – and the battle of hearts and minds. First, they ridicule the whole idea and if that doesn’t work, they censor it.

Twitter just banned over 7000 Q accounts and applied limits to another 150,000 Q related accounts. Google and YouTube are censoring Q accounts too. Why? Why does YouTube feel the need to add the Wikipedia definition of QAnon to every Q related video? Wikipedia is another establishment source that cannot be trusted for controversial subjects. Last year, an FBI memo came out warning that QAnon poses a potential terror threat. Yes, the same FBI who has been plotting to overthrow Donald Trump for the last four years.

The corporate media wants everyone to think that Q is a joke but they’re certainly not treating it as a joke. They are treating this movement as a genuine threat. So what does that tell us? In fact, the media is censoring all dissenting viewpoints to the official narrative, even the president himself, so Q is in some good company. If this is true, as Q puts it, it will be the biggest military intelligence drop to a civilian population in our history. Only time will tell if Q is a white hat, and their stated mission is real. I remain cautiously optimistic.

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Joe Masepoes – Joe M:

Joe M is a very popular figure in the QAnon movement and his videos capture the essence of the Q mission quite well. His videos are well-produced and full of interesting information, which is why they go viral soon after they’re released. No matter where you stand on QAnon, at the very least, Joe M’s video (above) accurately depicts the extent of the corruption in America. I highly recommend watching his videos. Here is Joe M’s Youtube Channel

QAnon – A Message of Hope

QAnon represents a message of hope during a time when many Americans have none but need it the most. Hope is underestimated and so crucial in raising morale. In any type of organized effort, morale plays a critical role. A demoralized team is easier to beat and far less effective at achieving their goals. The idea that there are good guys in our government working on our behalf behind the scenes gives a lot of people hope.

One of the mantras from Q is to “trust the plan.” This plan is presumed to have been in the works for over 20 years, according to many autists. This makes some people think that all of the corruption will be abolished by the Q team, and we don’t need to do anything. I see it as quite the opposite. Q involved the American people for a reason and constantly tells us we are a large part of this fight ahead. Enough of the American people will need to come together and reject this globalist agenda that is being forced upon us. This is something WE need to do for ourselves.

Much of what has occurred this year is waking up the masses and making people question the official narrative. Everything is being exposed to those paying attention and critically thinking. Q has played a large role in this disclosure and is circumventing the corporate media propaganda. Q is narrating us through this great awakening and helping to delineate the opposing sides of this battle.

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Is Q a Psyop?

By definition, Q is a psychological operation being deployed on the American public. However, there may be two totally different reasons for this operation. Many people think that QAnon is a well-orchestrated plan designed to pacify and distract the truth community while an even more authoritarian form of government is installed. That’s a genuine possibility. Some say that the Q posting now is different from the original Q, but there is no way to tell for sure. Although I am hopeful, I remain open to all possibilities. If it turns out that the QAnon communications were in fact a black hat psyop designed to further enslave humanity, it would not surprise me if it caused a real revolution, (not like the manufactured one we are witnessing this year).

I’m skeptical by nature and I’m especially skeptical about outside saviors. Change needs to be done by the people themselves. If someone came to clean up our mess every time we made one, we would never learn from our mistakes and would keep repeating them. At this point, if you think Q is a disinfo campaign, you’ll need to believe President Trump is part of this campaign too (there is no shortage of people in that camp).

If Q turns out to be a black hat, it would be the ultimate betrayal by President Trump and the cruelest hoax ever perpetrated on the American people. I have trouble envisioning President Trump turn on his people, but we just don’t know, and unfortunately, this may be a real possibility. President Trump wouldn’t be the first man to go to Washington to change it, only to be changed by Washington.

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Our Future Is Ultimately Up To Us

Q tells us that it is not enough to tell people what’s happening, they must be shown. If I may add: we must feel the pain of many years worth of neglect and indifference towards the corruption in our government. Maybe this is why the Q team has not interfered as much as many Q followers thought they would have by now.

Real meaningful change will only happen when people are made aware of the real threats we face and are made uncomfortable enough to demand a new way forward. If we want meaningful and lasting change, this is something the American people will need to do for ourselves. That also means getting involved in the political arena and voting out the corrupt Marxist politicians on both sides of the aisle trying to force authoritarian rule over us.

Again, I remain cautiously optimistic about QAnon, but we the people need to be – and demand the change we want to see in the world. The politically planned events of 2020 is a giant wake up call for millions of Americans. One thing is for sure, within the next 6-12 months, I believe we will know if Q is on the side of the globalists or humanity for certain. Either way, this is America’s fight.

If you want to learn more about QAnon, check out the link below.

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