Harley Schlanger: “Coup Plotters Use Vote Fraud to Seize Power – Don’t Give Up – It’s Not Over”


By Harley Schlanger

Following the failure of their four years of effort to remove President Trump, the promoters of “Color Revolution” regime change coups have resorted to fraud, to steal the election. There are credible reports of irregularities in vote-counting in four or five of the “swing states”, designed to “swing” those states to Biden.

There is a reason for this—follow the money, from Wall Street—to discover that the globalist financial establishment is counting on Biden to push through the digital currency “Reset”, which would crush what’s left of the goods-producing sector of the U.S. economy, in favor of the anti-growth quackery of the Green New Deal, which would guarantee massive flows of central bank funny money to use for their speculative swindles.

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