Nicolaus Copernicus Inventions


Nicolaus Copernicus was a scientist who loved to look up at the stars every night. He was fascinated with their movements and as such, is often referred to as the “Father of Modern Astronomy.” He was a polyglot, so could speak several different languages and devoted himself for three years during his schooling to mathematics and painting. He is often credited with the revolution in science that helped to bring about the modern age of discovery.

Memorable Inventions by Nicolaus Copernicus

Here is a look at his most famous inventions:

1. The Copernican System

Copernicus was the first scientist of any regard to propose that the Sun did not revolve around the Earth. His theory, which ran counter to all scientific claims at the time, was that the Earth was actually the center of the solar system and everything orbited around it. In the Copernican System, he proposed that all of the known heavenly bodies actually orbited around the Sun, which did not move at all. His initial vision of the universe that was known at the time was surprisingly accurate.

What is truly unique about all of his observations is that he made them without the use of a telescope as it hadn’t been invented as of yet. Unlike some of his later contemporaries that followed up his work, Copernicus wasn’t jailed because of his theories that ran against the charter of the Church at the time. This system serves today as the beginning of modern astronomy.

2. The Debasement of Currency

Even though Copernicus is known more for his work that makes people look up at the sky, he is also known for his ability to be a clear, concise administrator. At one point he was responsible for the administration of several different political and administrative duties while living in Frombork. After attending several meetings and looking at accounts and records in the region, he drafted an essay that recommended reforms to the local currency because it was being debased.

3. The Commentariolus

No one really knows for certain when Copernicus decided to really pursue the idea of an orbiting Earth. His very first thoughts that were published on the matter, however, where printed in 1508 and it was a small manuscript that wasn’t given any wide circulation. Many believe that these observations that were written in this initial manuscript came about when he decided to move to Frombork, away from his uncle, and built his own observatory.

4. The Elimination of the Ptolemy Equant

One of the core ideas that the Earth was the center of the known universe came from Claudius Ptolemy in the 2nd century. His theory was that in order to account for the movement of celestial bodies in orbit, an equant, or a second orbital revolution, must be taking place as the orbit around the Earth continued. Each planetary had a point that was orbited around and this helped to keep the idea of geocentrisim alive for another 1,200 years.

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