Pros and Cons of Concealed Carry Firearms


Concealed carry or carrying a concealed weapon is the practice of carrying a weapon in public but in a manner that is concealed. In the US, there is no federal law that addresses the issuance of concealed-carry permits. Every state has laws that allow qualified individuals to carry concealed firearms in public.

Gun control is still a major issue in the US given the number of shootings that happens in a given year. Despite the shocking number of people that have died due to gun use, it’s an area where people still remain divided. To understand this division, here’s a look at the pros and cons of concealed carry:

List of Pros of Concealed Carry Firearms

1. It is a right.
A lot of the confusion surrounding the carrying of weapons is in the wording of the Bill of Rights. As such, it’s been a challenge to interpret what the bill really meant. But the basic point is this: individuals are allowed to carry firearms under the law.

The right to bring firearms is what pro concealed carry activists are rallying for, while those who are against it are concerned about the loss of life because someone has been allowed to carry a weapon.

2. It allows people to feel secure.
A lot of those who carry firearms do so because it makes them feel safe. In other words, they have a weapon with them that can protect them from harm. Some people feel uneasy in certain places, particularly those with high levels of crime, and as such purchase weapons to help them feel a lot safer in the environment they are in.

3. It leads to lesser incident of crime.
This will continue to be argued as long as the debate surrounding concealed carry isn’t resolved. Some studies have shown that less crime has been committed in states that have allowed concealed carry. Another argument for this is that someone is less likely to be assaulted or attack if the attacker knows they may be carrying a concealed weapon.

List of Cons of Concealed Carry Firearms

1. It might be used accidentally.
It cannot be denied that guns do lead to accidental shootings. How many stories have we read over the years of children accidentally getting shot (or worse perish) because they found the gun of one of their parents? How many times have people been shot because they were believed to be intruders? The statistics are shocking and this is why a lot are calling for something to be done about the possession of firearms.

2. It might be used on purpose.
How many stories over the years have we read about people open firing on others for no reason at all? Sometimes, the reasons given are related to race, religion and other matters. This is what scares a lot of people: that just about anyone can be in possession of a firearm and it a personal moment of madness end up being the cause of a major loss of life.

3. It increases crime.
The number of lives lost due to someone firing a gun is unbelievable. This massive loss of life is what scares a lot of people. Some are indeed torn because they believe having a gun helps them, but it also cannot be denied that guns have harmed people over and over again. In short, it’s clear that something needs to be done to address the issue.