Pros and Cons of Fluoride in Drinking Water


There are certain reasons why drinking water is being mixed with fluoride. Decades have passed and fluoride has been used with the intention of preventing tooth decay. In many areas, fluoridation has been considered a fact and not doing so can be a cause for concern to public health. However, such measures have gained some criticisms. Despite all that, perhaps it would be better to investigate first before making decisions regarding the use of fluoride.

List of Pros of Fluoride in Drinking Water

1. Improves Public Health
The act of fluoridation is considered a simple way to increase public health. Likewise, this measure will help to strengthen teeth enamels, prevent decay, avoid cavities, and fend off tooth loss.

2. Endorsed by Leading Health Associations
In 1951, this measure was supported by the American Medical Association. At the same time, the American Dental Association also endorsed it in 1953.

3. Protects Tooth Enamel
Fluoridation was also been referred to as a reinforcing agent to protect the tooth’s enamel. Experts also claim that it can increase the density of the bones.

List of Cons of Fluoride in Drinking Water

1. Causes Cosmetic Damages
The fact that it can’t decrease the possibility of fracture risks, fluoridation can also weaken the bones. In fact, it has been discovered that it may cause cosmetically adverse effects which is called fluorosis. This is the staining of the teeth in which the experts deny any physical threats.

2. Dietary Allergies
Another adverse effect of fluoride is the occurrence of dietary allergies as well as problems in the digestion of protein and intolerance. Likewise, the presence of fluoride in the diet can be linked to indigestion or symptoms regarding stomach pain. So many people may experience digestive problems while they don’t know what’s causing the problem.

3. Affect the Function of the Thyroid Glands
According to clinicians, they have been bothered about the role that fluoride may have played in many symptoms of regarding the low function of the thyroid. These symptoms may include brain fog, cold hands and feet, dry skin, fatigue, irregular bowel function, and weight gain, among others. This has surfaced because of the fact that fluoride is a relative to elements such as iodine. Although fluoride has been linked to the imbalance of iodine balance inside the body, there is not enough proof that supports this belief.

4. Dangerous Dosage of Fluoridation
The risk of fluoridation comes as the dosage are assumed to be equally shared by everybody. Thus, the ones so much vulnerable to this threat are the elderly and infants. This is because fluoride levels not only include drinking water as it can also involve juices, sodas, and soups. According to sources, there are certain cases of fluoride poisoning brought by the water system, which include side effects leading to death.

Final Thoughts

Fluoridation can be a threat to a lot of people in a particular population. If this will be left alone, more negative side effects can be observed. Perhaps the pros and cons of fluoride in drinking water are reason enough to make a decision.