Pros and Cons of French Healthcare System


Each country has varied healthcare systems that have caused concern over which one is considered best. According to many, the French healthcare system is the best. Likewise, the World Health Organization has recognized it in the past for having one of the best healthcare programs.

The French healthcare system ranks at the top while the US healthcare system only ranks at number 37. Although the French system offers higher quality healthcare, they are not necessarily paying more. Apparently, this healthcare system is unique in which they do not offer socialized medicine. At the same time, not every aspect of the French system has been observed as beneficial. So it is only fair to familiarize with the pros and cons of the French healthcare system for a better view of what this is all about.

List of Pros of French Healthcare System

1. Accessible Healthcare System
A huge benefit for the French healthcare system is that people can take advantage when needed at the quickest time possible. This is because this system is completely funded. So anybody can take advantage of this regardless of the income. When it comes to quality of healthcare, accessibility always makes a big difference. People who require medical care should only make a call and they will be offered the type of service that they deserve.

2. Provides Quality of Care
It is often the cost that matters most to most countries around the world. So those who can’t afford the high healthcare cost will be forced to find another system that are often inferior. However, this will not happen to France because they are more concerned with the quality of care above all else. Thus, they prioritize with the patient and care provided, which isn’t happening in other healthcare providers.

3. Accessible Preventative Healthcare
This system offers more preventative healthcare that is very accessible to all. For this reason, the French healthcare system makes it easier for people get treated before such medical concerns get any worse. Residents of France can easily afford to seek help for their medical condition whenever they need it. They also have the ability to acquire preventative care if they need to.

List of Cons of French Healthcare System

1. Cost Issues
Despite the fact that France has a very accessible healthcare system, it is not cheap. Also, it could be lower than that of the US, but it is still considered expensive for people living in France to get the required medical care. This is due to the taxes that people should pay in order to combat cost of medical care.

2. National Healthcare Insurance
The existence of national health insurance has not been always positive. Although it can be more accessible for everybody, it can also make the demand for healthcare workers more. So this means that healthcare providers will run out of workers to meet demands of residents who seek medical care.

Final Thoughts

Notwithstanding the pros and cons, the US and French healthcare systems have been known to have similarities in their structure and the way they provide care. Basically, healthcare providers are not tied with the government, but people can choose to have either public or private hospitals just like those offered in the US.