Pros and Cons of Walmart


According to reports, one of America’s largest retail stores, Walmart, has been gaining popularity among millennials, young people, between the ages of 20 -35, who are just starting on building their careers and families. The retail giant has been existence for decades and is known for selling numerous brands of products at low prices. And with the digital age, the store is also attracting online customers. Despite its success, Walmart has not been spared from criticisms. Let us discuss the contentions of supporters and critics of this retail store.

List of Pros of Walmart

1. Affordable Prices
One of the reasons shoppers give behind the popularity of Walmart among consumers are the low prices of their products. Aside from different brands to choose from, all of the products sold in the stores and online have much lower prices than the products sold in local stores. Moreover, for online shoppers, they also offer free delivery on certain items ordered. This has made them appealing to average Americans and the working class who are looking to buy usable products that are inexpensive.

2. Employment Opportunities
Supporters of Walmart say that retail stores, especially the bigger ones employ hundreds of workers for their daily operations. As a result, students who want to take part-time jobs to save are given the opportunity to work. Employment also lessens the number of people under welfare as well as reduces the expenses of the government.

3. Product Diversity
According to consumers who flock Walmart, they choose to shop here because it is a one-stop shop where people can buy all needs such as clothing, furniture, food and gadgets without having to drive from one store to another.

List of Cons of Walmart

1. Employee Abuse
Critics claim that despite the low prices this store is known for, Walmart does not treat its employees properly, more so after the demise of its founder. This is evidenced by the number of class lawsuits filed by disgruntled employees in almost 31 states. Allegedly, the company was also tampering the time records of its employees, particularly in Alameda, California where three employees are claiming this was done to reduce the pay they were supposed to receive.

2. Poor Healthcare
Walmart may be popular for its cheap products but it is unpopular to its critics who claim that the company is derelict when it comes to providing healthcare. To compensate for their low prices, the employees’ health care coverage is affected. According to reports, the type of health care of employees requires them of at least $75 deduction. Consequently, they turn to Medicaid, public assistance and housing. Moreover, most of the children of employees are under state health care plans.

3. Illegal Workers and Racism Issues
The retail giant has numerous issues attributed to it such as discriminating on gender and hiring undocumented workers to clean the stores after store hours. It is said that hiring of employees is tainted with racial discrimination. According to critics, the management hires more Caucasian drivers, even those with records from DMV, than blacks who do not have serious driving violations.

Despite the negativities about Walmart, there is no doubt that this retail giant will remain in the lead when it comes to popularity to most American consumers and will continue to thrive in the industry.