Urban Farming’s Vision of a Decentralized Global Food Chain


The Vision:

Empower local communities to create sustainable agriculture systems in urban settings with the broader vision of raising global awareness for health, wellness, self sustainability and economic empowerment.


Located in Southfield Michigan, Urban Farming™ is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that helps move people beyond the cycle of poverty and food assistance so that they may become employed or self-employed, productive, and innovative citizens. One way that Urban Farming achieves this goal is by educating communities about growing their own food and how to integrate their product in the local and global economy.

Urban Farming serves as a hub and a network to connect people with non-profit, private, and public entities. Developing partnerships with community residents, governmental agencies, local businesses and international corporations, is the foundation of the Urban Farming business model.

The organization provides opportunities for people with the goal for them to overcome stagnant, difficult conditions and enjoy vibrant, healthy, and productive lifestyles. This includes providing people with information, training, and educational resources.

As a first point of contact with the community, Urban Farming starts by addressing the need for emergency food relief by supporting existing Urban Farming Community Gardens providing free food for the community and encouraging people to grow their own food at home.

Urban Farming is a holistic global vision that sees a future in which good health, innovation, and productivity are an inherent part of our lifestyle. The intention of this campaign is to affect a paradigm shift in in the way that our world approaches food and financial security.

The 100 Million Family and Friends Global Campaign

The 100 million Family & Friends is a campaign to encourage 100 Million people to plant and register their gardens as a part of the “Urban Farming Global Food Chain®”. This campaign empowers people who are unemployed, underemployed, laid off, malnourished, have unhealthy diets, suffer from hunger or food insecurity. You may register your garden here. All of the gardens from the Triscuit / Urban Farming™ “Home Farming Movement” are a part of the Urban Farming Global Food Chain®!

Urban Farming Global Food Chain® map!
Urban Farming Global Food Chain® map! 

Urban Farming’s Impact

Since the early twentieth century, many people of developed nations have turned away from agriculture as they moved from rural to urban settings, distancing them from their food source. The Urban Farming project is reintroducing people to this activity and giving them the education and resources to do so.

Food quality and security is a serious issue for many families around the world and if there is ever a hiccup in our just in time food delivery systems it could result in widespread food shortages. The Urban Farming project works not only to help address this concern, but goes beyond that in helping people become more self-sufficient, as well as helping create employment and commerce in urban communities around the world.

How You Can Help

Urban Garden funds its activities in multiple ways. They have an online store located on their website called shop 2 give, where they have a selection of items, including art, music, clothing, books, food and beverage. Urban Farming has agreements in place with the creators of those products that allow for proceeds from these sales to help support the Urban Farming project. Urban Farming also accepts donation directly to help fund their organization, which include plant and product giveaways, encouraging people to grow their own food in an effort to cut down on their monthly bills.

*Urban Farming is not rated by Charity Navigator because they do not meet their criteria of generating at least $1 million in revenue. As described by Charity Navigator: A lack of a rating does not indicate a positive or negative assessment by Charity Navigator. With that said, we recommend to do your own due diligence before making any donations to this organization.

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For more information on The Urban Farming project, or if you would like to help support the project, please visit their website. http://www.urbanfarming.org/welcome.html