When Was Pepto Bismol Invented


Pepto-Bismol is a brand that dates back for over a century, although the name and the formulation of the pink drink are both different. Designed to soothe the digestive system or help with an upset stomach, the earliest days of this medicine was actually designed to treat an infant illness. In the early 1900’s, sanitation standards were a little different. A disease called Cholera Infantum was striking infants and causing vomiting, diarrhea, and even death in severe cases. Using zinc sales, pepsin, salol, and oil of wintergreen, the bacteria wouldn’t be killed in this disease, but the symptoms could be effectively treated.

Sold by the Norwich Pharmaceutical Company, this organization has had a number of inventions that have helped people live life in the way they want. Here is a look at some of their most popular inventions.

1. Spermicidal Suppositories

Despite rose colored glasses sometimes, unwanted or surprise pregnancies have been a part of human culture for several generations. In order to stop these pregnancies from occurring, Norwich Pharma introduced a vaginal suppository in the mid-1950s that would help to kill sperm on contact. If a woman was planning on having intercourse, then she could simply use this item to stop a pregnancy from occurring. It was an early form of family planning and allowing women the freedom to make their own life choices.

2. Z-dimethylhexahydropyridazine

It’s a chemical compound that is ridiculously difficult to say, but provides a number of tremendous benefits to those who may choose to take it. There is a dramatic effect on systolic blood pressure when small amounts of this compound are taken, which can help to relieve high blood pressure, even in chronic cases of it. It’s an important discovery because consistently high blood pressure can harden arterial walls and make the circulatory system ineffective. In severe cases, leaks can develop and that ultimately can lead to death. This compound can help to prevent that.

3. Organic Antiseptics

After the invention of penicillin, new forms of medicine were being developed to eliminate germs, bacteria, and other nasty things that could make people sick. Antiseptics were a popular item because they promised to removed unwanted germs, but the earliest forms had a lot of bad side effects. This was due to the level of heavy metals that were included with them, which would eventually cause toxicity. Basing their formulation on known foods and plants that had antiseptic qualities, an organ antiseptic was patent end in 1943.

4. Mange Treatments

Mange is caused by mites. To clear out mange, the mites that are causing it have to be killed off or removed in some way. Norwich Pharmaceuticals developed a method that would help to remove the mites and treat any existing infection to help stop them from spreading without the irritation of other treatments. During the course of treatment, it was also discovered that this patented method of treatment could also treat other common skin conditions that were caused by fungi or bacteria.

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