9 Keys to a Successful Crowdfunding Campaign


How to Crowdfund Effectively

Do you have a million (or billion) dollar idea, but no capital?

Crowdfunding can remedy that. But, wait… doesn’t it take some time to raise funds via crowdfunding? Well, it does. Doesn’t mean you should stop trying, though.

After all, crowdfunding is a practice that allows people to successfully fund a project or venture by having others help them out. It’s literally the act of raising capital or funds through allowing a large amount of people to donate small amounts of money in exchange for the resultant project itself.

Besides the prospect of a ‘cold project’ on a backer’s side, the main issue of crowdfunding for the project maker is, well, getting the funding in the first place. And, even though various crowdfunding platforms make donating that easy, it’s not that easy to find people to donate so readily.

Hence, marketing. Yes, even marketing plays a passive or active role in promoting a crowdfunding campaign. Naturally, we’re going to tell you more about that in this article.

Online Marketing Tips for Crowdfunding

Okay, okay, if we talked about most of everything about marketing a crowdfunding campaign, this article would be three times as long—just for the first part alone! So, here, we’re just going to skip to the good part: when the campaign goes live.

When Your Campaign’s Live….

Once your campaign goes live, it means several things:

First, it means you’re ready to put your project up for display to others who might want to back it. Second, it means you’ve probably already spent months promoting via social media and other means* up to this point. Third, it means you’re about to get started with an aggressive viral marketing approach to get last minute supporters.

Most crowdfunding campaigns, especially if not already backed by a strong brand, need a few months of aggressive marketing via social media and other means (email newsletters, etc) to build momentum to launch day.

Let’s Keep It Simple

1. Once the campaign launches, advertise it. Tweet, email your mailing list, announce it via social media, blogs, forums, etc…. Let as many people as you can that your campaign’s live.

2. Send your press release – have this prepped before launch day – to appropriate press release aggregates, targeted blogs and the like. Also, make sure each copy, especially to bloggers, is personally addressed to them. Never send templates out for anything—it makes your campaign look impersonal and, honestly, dishonest.

3. Always keep your followers engaged throughout the entire campaign. Post regular updates, address big backers, the works—also, don’t forget to keep track of your campaign progress to see how your goals are progressing.

We could talk all day about crowdfunding, but we’d literally make this article way longer than intended. We hope you learned something here—thanks for reading.