Who Invented Gorilla Glass


Gorilla Glass is the name for a sheet of toughened glass that has been produced by the Corning company. It is specifically engineered to be as thin and light as possible, while still being able to resist damage. You will find Gorilla Glass on many of today’s mobile devices. Mobile phones, laptops, and many portable media players all include this product. As the story goes, Corning had retired Gorilla Glass. Steve Jobs wanted to incorporate this glass onto the iPhone. In six months, Gorilla Glass was back.

Corning has come up with a number of inventions over the years. Here is a look at some of their work.

1. ClearCurve Optical Fiber

Optical fiber is the one invention that is fueling the information age more than anything else. It is able to transmit high amounts of data in a variety of ways so that people can access the information or entertainment options that they want at any given time. What Corning has invented with the ClearCurve optical fiber is an incredibly flexible solution. It is 100 times more flexible than the average optical fiber that is installed, can be handled like copper, and is so flexible that it can be wound around a pen without having any signal disruption.

2. Corporate Research and Development

Many companies have employed people who could invent new products or processes that would bring them profitability. Corning was the first company to create a separate division that was specifically responsible for research and development. Their first R&D laboratory was established in 1908 and was the first in the United States. At the time, there were only a handful of companies in the world that were doing any formal research and development.

3. Fusion Drawing

Corning is mostly known for their ability to create glass. In order to create the high tech glass that we use today, they have invented a process of fusion drawing that creates glass substrates that are incredibly pristine. One rejectable article that comes from the proprietary fusion drawing process that Corning has invented is comparable to one must seed that would be placed on an American football field.

4. High Purity Fused Silica

An organic chemist named Frank Hyde love to play with different materials. Corning hired him with the specific intention of just letting him tinker in a lab. This small gamble by Corning paid off big when in 1932, Hyde discovered high purity fused silica. This invention would become one of the foundational items for the different telescope mirrors and optical fibers that Corning would go on to invent over the years. This invention is still being tested for additional purposes, over 80 years later.

5. Missile Nose Cones

Corning created a glass and ceramics material that many home kitchens use today for baking purposes. It’s called Corning Ware. What most people don’t necessarily know is that this same material got the notice of the US military in 1957. Because of its durability and heat resistant properties, Corning Ware was also turned into missile nose cones.

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