Who Invented Play Doh


Play Doh is very popular especially for kids all over the world. It is a modeling compound often used by most children in creating craft and art projects at school or at home. The ingredients of Play Doh consist of mineral oil, water, flour, boric acid, and salt. It was originally produced as a wall paper cleaner in Cincinnati, Ohio, United States during the 1930’s. Children started to use it as a modeling compound, leading the creators to improve the formula and take it to the first Cincinnati School during the mid 1950’s.

The Rise in Popularity

Play Doh was initially demonstrated for educational convention purposes in 1956 and became popular in department stores. There have been many advertisement promotions of Play Doh that grew influential among children. These advertisements started to appeared in 1957. In the launch of the toy market in 1950’s, the modeling compound was made into a substantial quantity of ancillary merchandise like The Fun Factory. In 2003, Play Doh belonged in the list of century toy of Toy Industry Association.

Who Invented Play Doh?

This is a common question asked among many enjoyers and users of Play Doh. This famous modeling compound was invented by two people by the names of Joseph and Noah McVicker. They built and founded Rainbow Crafts, helping them to start production of this product.

Play Doh was demonstrated among toy department stores such as Woodward and Lothrop, located in Washington D.C. Once the product was tested and introduced in schools and the marketplace, Hasbro came to purchase the rights to Play Doh. According to Hasbro, the formula is still the same to include the trade secret. The McVicker’s decided to launch their official document for about 10 years after this modeling compound was introduced. At first, this product was produced in only one color. However, after several years, it was made available in three colors which are blue, yellow, and red.

The process of Play Doh packaging was showed to children in the middle part of the 1950’s. But, it has changed through a certain mascot of an elf. In 1960, it was outdated by the Play Doh Pete, a beret wearing and smock cartoonish boy. In 2002, Play Doh Pete beret was changed into a baseball cap. Because this modeling compound is still out and popular in the market, many children still use it today.