Who Invented Vegemite


World War I has finally ended, but countries are still dealing with the aftermath of the war. Marmite has been coming into Australia for years, but now the shipping lanes are disrupted. With the population craving the product, Fred Walker and Company turns to a trusted employee to create an alternative spread. Cyril P. Callister then uses the leftover brewer’s yeast to form Vegemite, which would become a long time staple of Australian diets.

Callister was one of nine sibling and he heard graduate degrees in science. He worked in food manufacturing most of his life and is known primarily as the inventor of vegemite solely. In the 1920s, however, he was also able to replicate processed cheese from patents that were granted to Kraft Foods. Kraft granted Walker and Company distribution rights and Australians got the cheese.

Vegemite joins some other great Australian inventions.

1. The Lifesaving Reel

Since Australia is rather isolated, at least when compared with the rest of the world, shipping has always been part of the normal way of life. In 1906, this invention was created so that a lifesaver who was wearing a vest could reach a distressed swimmer. The vest was attached to a rope, so the lifesaver would just swim out to the person in distress and then assistant on land would haul them both in to safety.

2. Seed Grinders

Talk of Australia must also include the Aboriginal people and their accomplishments. The native tribes to this land are believed to have been the first to use stone cutting tools. They would use the edges to cut things, but they would also use their new tools to grind up seeds so that they could be turned into flour and baked goods.

3. The Boomerang

Designed to have lift thanks to the surrounding air currents, the boomerang is unique in the fact that when it is thrown correctly, it can come right back to you. It was based on the design of a bird’s wing and was extensively used as an early hunting tool.

4. Penicillin Distribution

Although Australians didn’t discover Penicillin, they did invent a method of distribution for it so that it could be successfully manufactured and process to treat infections. Howard Florey made the antibiotic become accessible to everyone and is solely responsible for saving millions of lives.

5. Bionic Ear

The bionic ear helps people hear again after they’ve become deaf. It’s a miraculous invention that has brought an extra dimension to life for many who would normally have sounds lost to them. Although the sounds are not as natural as normal hearing, for those who cannot hear anything, something is a lot better than nothing.

6. Nanotech

Australian scientists have create a machine that is 1.5 billionths of a meter in size. It has moving parts that are a few molecules in width. The purpose of this machine is simple. By placing it in a human body, gene sequences, disorders, and viruses can be detected and potentially fixed by the machine.

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