Candace Owens Dropping Inconvenient Truth Bombs: What Do Black Americans Want?


Voice Of Reason

Candace Owens is an outspoken critic of the recent riots happening across our nation. In her typical straight forward fashion, Owens points out the inconsistencies and hypocrisy we are seeing in the movement sweeping across America. She also points out the actual results of these riots. When the dust settles, the people who get hurt the most from these riots are the same ones the protest is intended to help. Inner-city areas look like warzones with businesses being destroyed (many minority-owned) and commerce coming to a halt. To add insult to injury, there is now a movement to defund the police. Defunding or disbanding the police only hurts the poor communities the most too. This entire movement to defund the police is also making it difficult to retain quality police officers. Who would want to be a cop in America right now? We see entire special units walk-off the force in protest. Owens points out that if we are really concerned with black lives, we need to look at the fact that 95% of black victims are killed at the hands of other blacks. Owens asks why is there no outrage over this? Because it doesn’t fit the narrative. The truth is that this whole movement was never intended to help black lives. It is designed to divide our country and create chaos. Unfortunately, most people cannot see this, but many are waking up to this manufactured psyop thanks to people like Candace Owens.

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