Dominion VP Had TDS, Ties To Antifa, Bragged About Fixing The Election

One America News Network did not turn a blind eye to the overwhelming evidence of election fraud this year. They are one of the very few networks who are objectively investigating the issues surrounding this election cycle


The 2020 Election

Millions of Americans have become outraged over the election coverage and results, despite the legacy media’s coordinated attempt to tell them to not believe their lying eyes. The truth is, the corporate media has lost control of the narrative. In a recent poll, even a third of all Democrats polled think that this election was stolen from President Trump. Yes, it was that obvious. In the days following the election, it seemed that evidence of voter fraud was becoming more evident by the hour but the media ignored it. We published an article only a few days after the election replete with circumstantial evidence and improprieties that needed to be investigated. There is even a video in our article showing votes disappearing on live TV!

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The major news networks refused to even consider that widespread voter fraud was an issue in this election. They were quick to discredit any information related to election fraud and anoint Joe Biden the next president (as if they could). How on earth could these news networks know that the overwhelming evidence of possible election fraud mounting on a daily basis was not credible without even looking into the allegations in a serious manner? They couldn’t. What we are witnessing is a whitewash. Just like the media did with the Hunter Biden laptop scandal, but this time Fox News is in on the fix too.

The reason the legacy media were so quick to ignore this information goes beyond ideological bias. It is because they are an integral part of this attempted coup. We published an article that goes into great detail about why the legacy news media, led by Fox News, are trying to gaslight their viewers into thinking that Joe Biden actually won this election with more votes than Barack Obama received in 2012. Come on man!

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One America News (OAN)

Unlike Fox News and all the other MSM outlets, One America News has taken the investigative lead with an objective approach to this story. They actually took the time and expended resources to investigate voting irregularities in the 2020 elections.

One America News did not assume everything was legitimate during this election because the entire legacy media said it was. They did not sit around waiting for the information to come to them as Fox is doing either (Tucker). They went out and got it. This is how journalism is supposed to work. This is also why millions of viewers are going to new sources for their information like OAN and NewsMax.


OAN talks to a computer expert that tells us about Dominion’s many vulnerabilities. The most interesting part of OAN’s investigation into Dominion was the part about their Vice President of engineering, Eric Coomer. We learn about Coomer’s ties with Antifa and his open and very public hatred towards President Trump. Coomer even bragged about fixing the election so Trump could not win. He stated, “Trump can’t win, I made fucking sure of that.”

The president has his haters but very few are in a position to actually influence the outcome of the election results as Coomer was. Coomer was also the Director of Strategy & Security for Dominion as well as a shareholder. President Trump’s legal advisor and former prosecutor, Sidney Powell claims she has evidence of Dominion shifting millions of votes to Biden from Trump.

With Dominion executives like Eric Coomer, it’s not too difficult to imagine that Powell will have a treasure trove to work with. It is also worth noting that the leaders of Dominion are refusing to testify before The PA House Committee and have instead chosen to hide behind their counsel. What are they hiding?

Chanel Rion hosts this 30 segment and finds some very interesting information about the Dominion voting machines and their executives.