Is The Fall Of Fox News Signaling The End of The Corporate News Era?

The corporate media coup d'état against President Trump, led by the Fox News Network was so blatant that it has destroyed much of America's trust in the news. Will this erosion of trust lead to the media's ultimate demise? We take an in-depth look at why Fox News is imploding and what it means for the corporate media news model.


The Media Is Losing Control

The year 2020 will go down into the history books as one of the most transformative years in our country’s recent history. In the short span of 10 months, we are literally living in a profoundly different reality. Normal is never coming back, at least not the normal we knew before the beginning of 2020. There will be many paradigm shifts to come from the events of this year, but I would like to focus on the one we are witnessing right now with the corporate media. It’s happening quickly and decisively.

The corporate media have been losing credibility for years, but this year they really “Jumped The Shark” in a monumental way. When I say corporate media, this includes all the major news networks, social media platforms as well as big tech companies like Google/Youtube.

The media’s behavior and actions this year have been so obvious and blatant that they have revealed their true colors to millions of people in a way that they may never recover from. The media lost control over the official narrative this year, which caused them to take desperate measures that have only further exposed them.

For the first three years of President Trump’s term, the media (and establishment) tried everything they could to destroy him, but nothing was sticking. Trump was unlike any other Republican they have ever dealt with. He didn’t cower from the media like all the other people the media destroyed before him.

Trump stood strong against them and hit back hard. The media were perplexed. This enraged them and made them hate him even more. This year the media threw everything, including the kitchen sink, at President Trump. In doing so, they went too far and showed their true colors for the whole world to see. Let’s look at some of the fake stories they pushed.

Orange Man Bad – Russia, Russia, Russia!

For the last four years, we have seen a coordinated effort by all the major media companies to gaslight Americans into thinking President Trump is a racist, xenophobic tyrant.

Any rumor or hit piece against Trump was fair game and never questioned. Any criticism of Biden or the covid/riot/Black Lives Matter/Antifa narrative was defended, “fact-checked,” or censored. The media are trying to make us believe that Joe Biden is an accomplished elder statesman beyond reproach, and Trump is the devil incarnate.

Very few if any serious investigative journalists ever covered Trump in an objective way. Instead, the media put out story after story that was deliberate hit pieces based on fabricated information.

The media knew they were propagating false information but pushed it anyway. Project Veritas even caught a CNN producer admitting that they knew the Russian hoax story wasn’t true, but they ran it anyway for ratings (and to undermine the president).

Evidently, CNN (and many in the corporate media) thinks it’s okay to tear our country apart and put us at odds with another superpower that has a nuclear arsenal that rivals ours for their ratings. This is who we are dealing with, folks.

In early 2017, Former CIA Director and Trump enemy John Brennen gave sworn testimony under oath to the House Intelligence Committee, stating that he did not find any collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign.

The Russian hoax story was literally a Democrat fabricated, media-driven, conspiracy theory based on opposition research from the DNC and the Clinton campaign. They pushed this propaganda for years, knowing it was false. Facebook or Twitter, never “fact-checked” or censored these fake stories even once. YouTube never banned any videos of this lie, either.

Even though President Trump was the most investigated president in recent history, the media called him the most corrupt president we ever had. They told their viewers they had proof of his corruption but we had to wait for the Muller Report.

CNN’s deep state intelligence commentators claimed they saw the evidence of Trump’s corruption when they didn’t. It was all a lie. They told their viewers that President Trump and his family would be going to prison. Another lie. The media uses unnamed or anonymous sources to spin a narrative that has no basis in reality.

These fabricated stories were repeated dozens of times on a daily basis, driving these false narratives into millions of viewer’s collective consciousness while distracting them from Trump’s many achievements. This constant media attack made millions of people hate President Trump based on false information.

Donald Trump is not a saint who is above criticism but what the media did was outright seditious.

The media constantly promoted the notion that Trump is a racist because he wanted to stop illegal immigration; meanwhile, Joe Biden heaped praise on a racist former KKK Grand Wizard, Senator Robert Byrd, during his eulogy, and he got a full pass. Can you imagine if President Trump praised a white supremacist racist KKK Member??

Watch the video linked above this section, and you decide who the racist is.

For years we heard about Russian collusion and how they meddled in our elections using some Facebook ads. This was “a threat to democracy,” we were told, over and over. What we are witnessing is 1000x more dangerous (and illegal) than any Russian collusion, even if it were true. When the entire mainstream media and all social media platforms (with the power to influence millions of people) line up against one candidate, we do not have a Democratic Republic anymore. This far more dangerous than the bogus Russian election meddling story!

Protecting Joe Biden

Joe Biden, on the other hand, has been protected at all costs. The media refused to ask Biden any tough questions and completely blocked and censored the Hunter Biden laptop scandal, depriving millions of Americans of this crucial information before the election.

This type of protection happens every election cycle with Democrat candidates, but this year was different. It was over the top.


Social Media & Big Tech

For years, the major social media platforms’ executives have been telling us that they are suppressing and censoring information “for our safety” and that they had no institutional bias. Many believed them, but this year they made it impossible to believe.

These executives want us to believe that all of the patterns of errors on their platform that somehow always went against conservatives were just human or algorithmic oversights. This is simply not possible to believe anymore.

Their blatant censorship of credible news stories (and anyone who shared it) was undeniably biased towards the establishment narrative and the life long bureaucrat, establishment candidate, Joe Biden.

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Corporate News Networks

CNN, MSNBC, and the other major alphabet networks are not even credible in most people’s eyes anymore, especially conservatives. That is why Fox was so popular. Networks like CNN & MSNBC are the punchline to most fake news jokes and are viewed as pure propaganda to anyone who is mildly objective.

These networks do not employ journalists. They are infested with political activists and CIA assets that spew scripted talking points and propaganda. It’s not just limited to politics either.

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The whole Russian hoax scandal that these networks promoted for years never materialized, and as a result, their credibility took a huge hit, even among their loyal audience. Many of their viewers went to Fox News. This is one of the reasons Fox received some of the highest network ratings in recent years.

To some degree, this behavior from the far left corporate media was expected, (their viewers probably didn’t even notice anything) but the Fox audience still thought the network was actually fair and balanced. Compared to the rest of the news outlets, Fox may appear fair & balanced, but it’s all relative.

Fox News Exposed

Since the departure of the disgraced CEO, Roger Ailes, and the addition of well-known RINO Paul Ryan to Fox’s Board, there have been significant changes at Fox. It may look and feel the same, and the primetime lineup is similar, but the culture is certainly not.

Last year, Fox hired the former DNC Chief and Democrat hack, Donna Brazile, after she was fired from CNN for helping Hillary Clinton cheat during the debate with Bernie Sanders. Out of all the talking heads Fox could have hired, why her? Hiring someone like Donna Brazil was a big red flag for Fox viewers and only confirmed Fox’s lurch to the left.

Earlier this year, Fox Business fired conservative host Trish Regan because she dared to defend President Trump and point out the fact that the Democrats were politicizing the coronavirus to hurt him.

In April of this year, the popular duo Diamond & Silk dared to question the “official coronavirus narrative,” too. They asked if the death counts are being inflated and if so, were they being inflated to hurt Donald Trump. They were fired too. The two later claimed their firing occurred shortly after they refused a $150,000 payoff from Fox to turn on President Trump.

In September of this year, the former Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich, was being interviewed on Fox when he mentioned that George Soros was behind much of the chaos we are witnessing. Gingrich was quickly shut down as several of the hosts made it clear that Soros was off-limits.

Apparently, Fox contributors are being discouraged to have anything to do with President Trump. Just recently, Fox fired Trey Gowdy after he joined the Trump legal team.

During the first presidential debate, Fox viewers watched a shameful performance by Chris Wallace when he held Joe Biden to a completely different standard than Donald Trump. Wallace asked Trump loaded questions and lobbed softballs questions to Biden.

When it came to Biden, Wallace never explored any past corruption allegations like the Burisma scandal. Even though Biden was caught on tape bragging about getting the prosecutor investigating Burisma (the company who had ties with his son, Hunter) fired.

Fox Has Always Been A GateKeeper

The truth is that Fox is and has always been part of the establishment media; they just catered to a different demographic. Fox is every bit the gatekeeper of information as the other networks are. Like all the other network news channels, Fox will never seriously investigate the true system of control that is enslaving humanity. 

Fox is the first to attack credible information when it conflicts with the official narrative using terms like conspiracy theories (a word rebranded and weaponized by the CIA to discredit critical thinkers following the aftermath of the JFK assassination). They are doing it now with the coronavirus.

Fox is also the first to support the establishment narrative that takes us into war based on dubious reasons. They have always been a wolf in sheep’s clothing, but now it has become too obvious for them to hide.

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The Ultimate Betrayal

Because Fox was one of the only major news networks that provided a different point of view, and the only one to cater to conservatives, they were one of the most popular networks on the airwaves. The Fox News lineup consistently dominated the top ten spots of most viewed networks.

This year, however, Fox News exposed themselves and betrayed their audience in a way they will not recover from. When it most counted, Fox News committed the ultimate betrayal. By all outward appearances, Fox not only participated but took the lead in media coup against President Trump. Whether this turns out to be proven or not doesn’t even matter anymore, this is what many Fox viewers believe happened.

Fox viewers went to bed Tuesday night of the election with the full expectation of a Trump victory. Just like in 2016, Trump’s momentum started increasing as the night went on, and the trends were shifting in favor of President Trump. But then something strange started happening. Suddenly, important swing states stopped counting the votes. Trump also started to lose his margins.

It became clear after the election night coverage ended that Fox was not only in on the fix, they led the media coup operation. Fox held back on calling states that Trump was about to win while calling states like Arizona for Biden prematurely. Why?

Fox viewers were calling in to complain so much that one of the hosts, Bret Baier, had to question the election desk. The director of the election desk gave Baier reasons and excuses that made no sense. He claimed that the early results were in line with their internal data; therefore they could predict races like Arizona in advance. But for some strange reason, Fox couldn’t call the states that Trump was winning where the polls were closed for hours and vote tally percentages were much higher.

We later found out that the arrogant and snarky director of the Fox News election desk, Arnon Mishkin was a staunch democrat supporter with a clear bias and no doubt in on the fix too.

The anchors at Fox never raised the red flag or seriously questioned why the Democratic-run swing states stopped counting the votes on election night, something highly unusual during a major presidential election.

Election officials in Pennsylvania even decided to take the following day off, leaving thousands of votes uncounted. As the night went on, it became clear to their viewers that Fox was trying to stall, manage, and reshape the narrative in favor of a Joe Biden win. Yes, it was that obvious.

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This betrayal was not just against President Trump and his 72+ million supporters, but it was a betrayal against America itself! Fox and the other media outlets participated in what appears to be a coordinated effort to steal an American election! This is criminal, and people in the media should go to prison over this if proven!

On election night, social media exploded with very angry Trump supporters voicing their profound disappointment about Fox’s coverage. All through the social media feeds, people were complaining about Fox, telling their friends to go to NewsMax or OAN. Some Fox viewers said the anti-Trump channels like CNN were actually fairer to Trump than Fox.

So how did Fox News handle the aftermath? They stuck to their guns and refused to give any credence to the growing stories of widespread election fraud. Fox then participated with the rest of the media in declaring Biden the likely winner of the race.

It was like they were covering up the scene of a crime, and they were. It only made sense that Fox would take this stance since they were leading the media coup operation against Trump. But it gets worse.


Fox Doubles Down

To make matters worse, following the election, Fox fired longtime host Judge Jeannine Pirro because she dared to address the voter fraud issue on her show.

Then Fox host Neil Cavuto cut away from a news conference with the president’s press secretary while she was addressing voter fraud, and Cavuto basically inferred she was a liar because she stated that the Democrats welcomed voter fraud. Does anyone really doubt that the Democrats welcomed voter fraud?? This further enraged the Fox audience.

The only thing fair and balanced about Fox News is Tucker Carlson. Watching Tucker Carlson try to address this fraud, knowing that his own network was one of the main culprits, was tough to watch for most people. In addressing the fraud, Tucker still said that Trump is unlikely to win. Tucker fans were not pleased.

The conservative die-hard Laura Ingram said that Trump should concede early on. Why would she say that Trump should concede while there are still many states in play, not to mention all the other new evidence of the election fraud coming to light daily?

The other media networks claim that Fox News is biased toward Trump. Does Fox seem like a network that is pro-Trump? The only reason they still allow Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity, and Laura Ingraham to stay at the network is for the ratings they garner. Hannity and Ingraham are not that credible either and come off as Trump sycophants to most people.

As a result of their behavior, Fox News viewership and stock shares are imploding. Fox is rumored to have hired a PR team to stop the bleeding, but it will not help them. As the saying goes, trust takes a lifetime to earn, but it can be destroyed in a moment. And destroyed it they have!


It is About to Get A lot Worse For the Media.

The media have been quick to call the race for Joe Biden and are even going so far as to call him president-elect (even though the race has not been officially called yet). To call Biden the president-elect is factually incorrect and absurd this early in a highly contested election!

Facebook stripped President Trump of his presidential status on his profile, and now he is listed as a political candidate. Social media is heavily suppressing and throttling President Trump’s reach now that they think they have won.

The media are telling us that there is no evidence of widespread election fraud or any significant fraud for that matter. They want us to believe that a guy who could not draw more than a few dozen people to his rallies that basically hid in his basement for the remaining weeks of the election won by the largest popular vote ever, even beating Obama’s numbers.

The media are vouching for the election results and concluded there was no meaningful fraud. The problem is, if and when this is proven to be false (which is happening now), the media will lose any little remaining credibility they still enjoyed. Some in the media could even find themselves in legal trouble after this is all sorted out.

The evidence of widespread voter fraud is mounting, and the tables are starting to turn again in favor of President Trump. But you wouldn’t know that if you watched corporate news media coverage of this election.


Underestimate Trump at Your Own Peril

As usual, the media is underestimating Donald Trump again. President Trump is not Bernie Sanders and will not lay down as Sanders did/does for the Democrat Party or their faithful media. President Trump is a fighter and will fight this until the end, and he will win because he has the truth on his side (and a growing mountain of evidence).

The media & DNC (both one and the same) were hoping President Trump would go away quietly like Bernie, but he won’t. The only way President Trump will concede is if it can be proven that he legitimately lost the election.

Donald Trump represents an existential threat to the status quo and the establishment itself. By now, this should be clear to anyone paying attention to the bigger picture. Donald Trump declared war on the deep state early on, and this is what it looks like when the deep state fights back.

Unfortunately, half of America is blind to this reality because they have allowed the media to brainwash them into thinking Trump is the real threat. President Trump may be the only man standing between America and a new form of technocratic tyranny in store for us if the globalists behind Biden get their way.

In my lifetime, I have never seen such a vicious and sustained attack against any public figure, as I have seen with Donald Trump (once he ran for office). This is a strong indicator that indeed, Trump is draining the swamp.

The media is NOT aligned with America’s best interests, and they are NOT our friends. They are poison to our nation! If they are attacking President Trump so viciously, it can only mean that he is doing the right thing.

Don’t count President Trump out just yet. One of his longtime friends/advisers said this about Donald Trump, (I forgot who said it so I cannot attribute it). Here is the quote:

“Donald Trump always looks like he’s about to lose right before he wins.”

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America is Being Red-Pilled

The media truly is the enemy of the people! This is not hyperbole. They distract us from real issues and are intent on destroying the ideals on which our nation was founded. They divide us with identity politics and pit us against each other by categorizing us into groups based on color, gender, politics, etc., rather than seeing us all as Americans. As we have seen with the riots of this year, the media is trying to normalize criminal behavior while criminalizing law-abiding citizens. They are awful institutions trying to destroy America from within.

The good news is that the largest media machine in the world spent years trying to tear down President Trump, and it still didn’t work. Enough of the American people saw through the media lies. So much so that they still needed to rig the election against him. This year’s actions make it obvious that the corporate media machine is losing control. Their scripted propaganda is not working on Trump supporters.

The corporate media’s mass censorship and betrayal are causing many more people to really think about where they get their information from. A mass exodus from traditional media sources is happening. News sites like NewsMax and free speech social platforms like Parler are experiencing huge inflows of new subscribers.

Keep in mind, while smaller media outlets like NewsMax may seem fairer than Fox News, but they too are just another gatekeeper. The corporate news model is inherently flawed. Once a new media network starts to grow in viewership, it’s quickly co-opted or absorbed into the portfolio of the larger media conglomerates.

There will always be people watching the corporate news, but we are reaching a tipping point where enough Americans are starting to realize just how dangerous the corporate media actually is. This is one of the main reasons we started our organization, Vision Launch Media. To help circumvent the media censorship and suppression that is getting worse every day.

We will leave you with another link to a more in-depth social media post from Facebook this week that really sums up how many people are feeling and what they are doing about this mass disinformation. People are starting to really get it, and she is not alone. We changed her name to protect her identity. We published her story on our Minds channel.


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